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Are you using NRI SERVICES from fivaisa

That’s strange. Could you DM me more details? I can help check why this happened.

P.S.: I work at Zerodha.


Has anyone faced issues with ICICI Direct not crediting shares in demat account within settlement period?

I (was) big fan of Zerodha, however it’s not all good what they said in interview etc (mostly we always works in interest of our client).

Let me share my point,
Am having 2 accounts; 1. Z and 2. Nuvama (Edelweiss)
Today morning I transferred fund from broker to bank at almost same time from both account, received fund from N to my bank in few hours, preciously less than 3 hours, whereas Z fund is not yet creditted (I believe will be deposited tomorrow morning).
Also it takes time more time for Z to reflect fund in withdrawable balance. Either my N is better than Z or Z is not to the mark - As I don’t know other than N & Z.


This is about Upstox:

When i opened an account, they automatically credited an ETF (1 quantity, 50/-), without telling a reason. Who complains when you get a freebie anyway. Till you want to close the account.

They won’t let you close the account till you have a holding in your account. If you are like me and never used Upstox, and your account is dormant, you will have to do EKYC again, then sell the freebie to close the account. Sell an ETF that you didn’t buy in the first place !

This is a great strategy because it stops inactive and dormant accounts from going out by creating another layer of deterrence. Those who use the platform are less likely to close it anyway.

Is it because the number of account holders matter when they go to an investor for financing.

Transparency is the biggest reason why i like Zerodha.

In my free time, i will do the KYC again to close this account for sure.


This did not happen with me. No ETF units were allotted and I have no holdings in the account right now, no funds either.

The freebie should have some legal backing behind it, like sending/receiving stocks or ETF units from family, which will be taxed as per the tax rules.

I don’t know what such rule exists with a freebie from the broker.

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Has anyone transfered their earlier regular HDFC securities demat account to the new HDFC SKY platform?
If yes, please let know the process. Their customer care is very pathetic. Not able to connect at all.

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