Sectors with tailwinds

India has enacted a 5 year anti-dumping duty targeting specific types of Chinese #steel, as per an official government notice.

Which companies to benefit most ?

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Systematix update report on EMS industry


Plant visits key takeaways:

Traction in the last 3-4 years has increased multi fold

PCB assembly forms a major part of work for most comps

Non EMS business also witnessing rising activities

Systematix sees highest potential upside in
Elin electronics(35% from CMP)
Followed by Syrma SGS(27% from CMP with TP of 700rs)

Source link :

Data centre business seems to have enormous tail winds. Eventhough the companies in this domain have run up already. Many construction and electrical EPC contractors have joined the bandwagon.

P.S: This thread is low in participation. I feel if we can identify sectors with tailwinds in the nascent stages it could be very rewarding for all of us.


May We have name few of the companies, which are getting benefitted or have already benefitted


The below article gives a nice preview about data centre business and companies engaged in different aspects of data centre business. As per Tijori finance, this year planned Capex of 14000 Cr is flowing to Data centre business in India.

Real Estate Companies like Godrej Properties, Anant Raj , Ahluwalia Contracts , L&T etc is into DC business so is Electrical EPC companies like Techno Electric as also the biggies like Adani is into DC .


I’d like to know too. Thanks in advance.

Hi Midhunjoe. Could you pls send the link of tijori finance blog that you’re talking about? Thanks