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Following are some more data points which can bring in Screener for better usage

  • Providing the Divident, Split, Bonus share details in the chart
  • Provision of data for 20 year timeline seperately. Which helps the investors to analyze the bear cycles ( 2000,2009) and how bad the fundamental numbers be…
  • Provision of Market share of each company according to their business segment as one of the data point
  • Competitor chart view for 5-8 companies provision
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Does Screener still provide the REST API that it used to provide? If not, are there any free sources that I can use to build hobby tools that provide NSE and BSE data?

Quant screens by Sandesh S Bhat (@blazingbhat). Fantastic work. Thanks for the share.


1. TechnoFunda
Up from 52w low > 50 AND
From 52w high < 25 AND
Return on equity > 17 AND
Market Capitalization > 500 AND
Promoter holding > 51 AND
Debt to equity < 1 AND
Altman Z Score > 3 AND
Interest Coverage Ratio > 3 AND
Cash from operations last year > 0 AND
Pledged percentage < 25 AND
OPM > 10

2. Increasing Sales Profit Reducing Debt
Interest < Interest last year AND
YOY Quarterly sales growth > 0 AND YOY Quarterly profit growth > 0 AND
Debt to equity < 1.5 AND Sales growth > 0 AND Profit growth > 0 AND Altman Z Score > 3 AND
Promoter holding > 35 AND Pledged percentage = 0 AND
Dividend Payout Ratio > 0 AND
Operating cash flow 3years > 0 AND
Return on capital employed > Average return on capital employed 3Years AND
Interest latest quarter < Interest preceding year quarter AND
Interest Coverage Ratio > 3 AND Current ratio > 1 AND
Market Capitalization < 20000 AND OPM > OPM 5Year AND OPM > 8 AND
Debt < Debt 3Years back AND
Return on equity > Average return on equity 3Years

3. Solid amid general market decline
Down from 52w high < 20 AND
Return on equity > Average return on equity 3Years AND
Quick ratio > 1 AND
Return on equity > 17 AND
Market Capitalization > 100 AND
Debt to equity < 1 AND
Promoter holding > 51 AND
Debt < Debt 3Years back AND
Cash from operations last year > 0 AND
Pledged percentage < 25 AND
OPM > OPM 5Year

4. Slow Compounders with Intrinsic Value
Intrinsic Value > Current price AND
Cash from operations last year > 0 AND
Average return on equity 5Years > 20 AND
Market Capitalization > 5000 AND
Debt to equity < 1.5 AND
Current ratio > 1 AND Dividend Payout Ratio > 20 AND Altman Z Score > 3 AND
OPM 5Year > OPM 10Year AND
OPM > 10

5. SSGR with good ROCE
(1-(Depreciation /Net block ))+ ((Sales/Net block) * NPM last year * (1-(Dividend preceding year/Profit after tax))) > 50 AND
Market Capitalization > 100 AND Debt to equity < 1 AND
Promoter holding > 45 AND OPM > 10 AND
Interest Coverage Ratio > 3 AND Altman Z Score > 3 AND
Pledged percentage < 25 AND Sales growth > Sales growth 3Years AND
ROCE3yr avg > Average return on capital employed 7Years AND
Reserves > Debt AND ROCE3yr avg > 20


@ayushmit is there any historical data available like how many users visiting screener website per day since last two years (before that screener was relatively unknown). or something like that.

when sentiment improves, many will be busy in search of hidden gems, value picks multibaggers and screener usage will increase.

more relevant would be
average time spent by registered users per month (/or day).

number of new screens created per month (/or day).

can be really good indicators to judge overall sentiments.

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The updated screen is publicly available here :

The formula presented earlier had some limitations when a company’s annual report data is uploaded after Q1 results. But I have found that the updated screen is working quite well for me now.
Br, Sudheendra


Can anyone guide on how to search existing screens made public by any other users?


The various public screens are shown here:

In this page you can even search for any screen by name, or any ratio specific search as well.

Is there a way to calculate cumulative cash flow from operations for 3years, 5 years, 7 years & 10 years on screener ?

Regards and thanks for the excellent tool . Could please help or sort out the query
How one can find Creditor Days in default version . Can it be calculated using the available data ? This can be useful to calculate cash conversion time if the Trade Creditors or Payables made available

However if one expand OTHER LIBILITIES it can be found but when one download the excel Expandable items does not down load . How can one download expanded form of data

When one see data on screen it is 12 column and when down load it is 10 column e.g 12 Quarters data one can see on screener but when one download only 10 quarters data get unloaded How one can fetch the complete data


@ayushmit : Is it possible to provide option to filter out certain kind of watchlist corporate updates like “Compliance Certificate” or “Statement of Investor Complaints” or “Compliances-Certificate” “Shareholding” “Loss of Certificate”

These are normally of no use. Would be good if this is filter out.

Kind of switch on and off feature.


Is it possible to add historic P/E chart on top of the price chart
Screener already has earning per share every quarter so last 12 months earning should be easy to calculate
Also historic share price is stored
So share price / eps should make a nice chart on the y axis showing how pe has evolved and share price have followed
Usually PE is high when investor expectation of forward earnings is high. As earnings catch up with expectation, PE stays the same and share price stay the same
If you look at blackrose for instance, whenever they were going through a recapitalisation (twice over the last10 years), their PE shot up to 100. The PE eventually came down as earnings caught up and the price remained the same
They are going through another capitalisation and it would be good to be able to monitor the progress as it happens

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Screener team is working on it, but cant commit on when the feature will be live.

In market cap listing, why some companies like HUL not appearing. It was appearing before.

Hi Screener Team,

For last several days I am getting daily ‘watchlist update’ email by afternoon only. Whereas earlier it used to be around 6 AM.
Has there been any change in policy or is something broken ?

Could you please look into it and rectify the same.


Screener sends out lacs of emails everyday. The customization and computation of emails take considerable time. We recently updated the algorithm to prioritize premium members while sending out emails. This would have changed the delivery time.

We are trying to improve and optimize the algorithm to deliver all the email before market hours. The optimization is taking time as it requires some extensive refactoring in code. We hope to update and fix the algorithm soon.

Team Screener


Hi @Parthgarg export percentage parameter in screener is not fetching data properly. I have checked it with Annual report for few company.
Could you please have a look.

Hi Team Screener, As per one tweet on twitter, you also provide ‘intrinsic value’ of the company.
Or its maybe one of the screen made by someone on your website.
I am very much interested in it.
Please let me know how to access it.
Thanks in advance,
Vikas pe historical chart is available on screener.but how important is historical price to book ratio and price to sales .

I’m a new member (from Lucknow) over here and feeling pity how i missed being a part of VP for so long… Also many many thanks @ayushmit sir for building…im kind of obsessed with it and have built around 300 screens considering different probabilities of important ratios… Thank you once again