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An update on this:

Both InoxWind and SanghviMovers have completed their right shoulder in H&S formation.


To consider Dividend for the 1st time since 2017…


Investor Presentation:

A Techinical analysis perspective:

Daily and weekly chart:

Views from some technical analysts here would help. @hitesh2710 @StageInvesting


Sanghvi Movers had formed a H & S . But H & S fails if the prices close above right shoulder , then H & S is considered to be failed.Other confiemation would be when it closes above 61.8% of recent decline (226) and final conformation would be when it crosses its ATH. Failed patternes are bigger signs of a good move in opposite direction. Let’s keep wait and watch. We’re in a bear market, don’t hurry .Better to be on sidelines and if one misses one or two good upmoves, no need to worry. It is like getting into a burning house to get your mobile-charger .

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Continuing from my last post on Technical Analysis Viewpoint of Sanghvi: HnS reversal seems to be done above the pink line. The pattern leads to a target of 300+.

More can be read of this pattern here: HEAD & SHOULDER FAILURE | Tech Charts

Sanghvi involved in this project: (yellow highlight - 2nd picture)

327 MW Wind farm,Pritamnagar Site,MP.
Softbank Energy during the auction of wind projects by Solar Energy Corporation of India in 2020 had won the order who in turn awarded it GE, Adani helped in erection of towers
121/121 set was installed yesterday.

  • Rajendra singh Shekhawat

800T cranes delivered:

Sanghvi Cranes involved in JSW Projects: JSW Energy installed their first 130m wind turbine at Tuticorin.

JSW getting more projects onboard:

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This seems like a BIG positive development.

Wind Projects Commissioning May Surge Fourfold If Reverse Auctions Go:

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Strong commentary and results posted by Suzlon, Sanghvi’s Top Client in Wind space:

Good chunk of this should flow to Sanghvi for erection of Wtg

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312 MW commissioned in August 2022.

Cumulative figure April-July 2022 was 535 MW.

Strong commissioning in H1 FY23


461.5 MW installed in September. Cumulative figure April-September 2022 1308.5 MW

Draft Policy for Repowering wind turbine installations with rated capacity below 2 MW.

Provides incentives for IPPs etc. who opt to repower older/ineffecient installations.

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Worked in power sector for 5 years. Not able to understand how a crane rental company can be a
Engineering Solution Provider?

Article quotes “SML’s business model is not just about rentals, but also focused on being an engineering solution partner. From project planning, heavy lift engineering, to designing and advising on the appropriate equipment selection for the project

If Adani or Tata Power wants to put 5000MW Ultra Mega Power Plant, does Sanghavi Mover can provide engineering solution about which are the Boiler, Turbine and Generators are required? how to design, plan and commission these large scale project? Forget about thinking, I don’t think management of SML can dream it.

At max what SML can do is they can help EPC contractor to Erect large equipments and THATS ALL.


A Technical view on Sanghvi::

1: A multi year downward descending wedge
2: A multi year ARC setup, with Arc edges being respected (blue circles)
3: a multi year Inverse Head & Shoulder (orange) broken out
4: RSI nearing breakout

@hitesh2710 your views please?