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100 baggers book summary

I have started my investment journey in 2017 bull run.I have paid my tution fees by learning from my initial losses. Then i started reading books .I am deeply inspired by two books

1…One up on wall street by peter lynch

2…100 baggers by Cristopher mayer

=One up on wall strret is very popular while 100 baggers is still less known to people.

=This book inspires us to invest for very long duration like 20 to 25 yrs and find out 100 baggers( repeat 100 baggers Not 10-20 baggers).

=In today’s era,where young people hardly stay invested for 6 months ,20-25 yrs investment in same stock is next to impossible for most of people.


=At last, i am also very new to market with 4 yrs experience and trying to follow these principles.

100 baggers book summary


Hey @Pragnesh
May you kindly share which of your PF stocks were selected keeping in mind the “Essential Principles” of a 100 bagger (from the book)?


I had selected all stocks for long term with some narrow or wide moat as per my understanding.

I had few stocks like jenburkt pharma ,auro lab and grauer which dont have any moat. I had done some scruttlebutt in auro lab and jenburkt pharma .I had also used some products of jenburkt pharma.

I will keep these 3 stocks for atleast 5 yrs from date of purchase and then will take decision.


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hi @Pragnesh
can you share insights on grauer & weil
I liked fundamentals and decent small player
Want to build conviction, though recently added for tracking purpose

Sorry for late reply

Few partial moats of grauer and weil

40% market share of electroplating ind. In india
(Big fish in small pond)

=There is approval process with customers so it acts as natural entry barrier and customers dont change frequently


=Our strength is Quick service, Right price

3…Only company in india having complete solution provider for surface treatment industry having presence in chemical,paint and engineering division for surface treatment

=Despite mnc like atotech presence since few yrs,grauer has maintained its first position

4…Quality customers
=Has provided chemical n paint to isro mangalyan
=First indian company to receive certy for aerospace
=Rolce roy approval
=Boeing in process
=Tata,honda,tafe,yamaha,godrej etc
=l n t
=chrompton greaves

5… R N D
=Research and development is the backbone of our operations to meet the challenges of
new product oerings by competitors
=Our strong, dedicated, highly qualified and experienced talent pool of employees has brought many industry firsts to our credit.

=Greentechnologies and backward integration has been a key driver to our R&D roadmap. Our
R&D labs at Kandivli and Chembur have been duly recognised by prestigious Indian
Council of Science and Technology.


Thanks really appreciate for your views, on my watch list and building conviction

Portfolio return not calculated,may be around 20% down from all time high.

Bought pix transmission which make around 5% of portfolio

Not sold single stock.

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My updated portfolio with avg buying price and Average time of purchase

1…Pix…(Rs 925)…(6.5%)…(Feb2022)
2…Acrysil…(Rs 190.97)…(6.5%)…(dec 2020)
3…Beta drugs(314)….(6.5%)…(April 2021)

4…SHIL…(Rs 406.50)…(5.4%)…(Nov 2021)
5…Astec life … ( rs 1017.39)…(5.4%)…(Aug 2020)
6…Lt food …( rs 45.18 )…(5.2%)…(Dec 2018)
7…Kei ind…(rs 405.25 )…(5.2%)…(Dec 2019)
8…Moldtek pack…( 259.20 )…(4.9%)…(April 2019).
9…Ganesha eco(Rs 515)…(4.9%)…(Feb 2021)
10…Racl(Rs 511)…(4.8%)…(oct 2021)
11……Paushak …(rs 2615)…(4.8%)…(June 2020)
12…Apcotex …(Rs 191.62 ) …( 4.4%)…(May 2019)
13…Grauer&weil …(Rs53.06 )…(4.4%)…(July 2018)
14…Anup…(636)…(4.4%)…(May 2021)
15…Stylam(1072)…(4.4%)…(Aug 2021)

16…Jenburkt ph…(.rs 620 )…(3.5%)…(Nov 2018)
17…kpr mill……(rs149)…(3.5%)…(oct 2020)
18…Ion ex ……(rs652.14 ) ……(2.8%)…(Dec 2019)

19…Ratnamani …(.rs 1298 ) …(1.9%)…(Feb 2020)
20…Auro lab …(rs 68.72 ) …(1.6%)…(Oct 2018)
21…Suven phar …(rs 251.64) …(1.6%)…(Aug 2020)
22…Ccl products …(rs 270) …(1.6%)…(Feb 2019)
23…Alkyl amine@ (791.56)…( 1.2%)…(June 2020)

24…other stocks… …( 1.6%)…(2017-2018)

=Portfolio is 107% up of invested amount

(Investment is done in staggered manner from sept 2017 to uptil today with buy and hold approach


Adding pitti engineerimg

Portfolio may be down of around 30% from the peak. Not calculated

Addind pitti eng.
Not sold single share


would like to know the reasoning behind

suven over laurus
kei over polycab
kpr over praj

Suven pharma has highest operating margin in industry with main focus on new molecules.What i like about company is “Strong research and execution capability”

While laurus is mainly concentrated on anti viral and onco with not much diversification

…Kei has huge growth in last few yrs .Its retail business is growing over EPC and institutional business.This will bring down working capital

…While polycab has high growth but it is trading at higher PE ratio

=I will give 10 out of 10 to corporate governence for kpr mill.When i invested in kpr,i was in search of out of favour industry and textile was perfact industry at that time.
=There is no question of comparision with praj as 90% revenue of kpr is from textile and only 10% from ethanol.

1=I generally prefer companies with PE less than 25-30, preferrably <20 at the time of buy

2=I dont sell when PE ratio increases during investment journey.I will generally hold for 10 or more yrs(lets see ,i had started in 2017 and since 2017 i had not sold most stocks)
(Curtsey of book 100 baggers by crystopher mayer)

3=I prefer companies with mcap<5000


Hi @Pragnesh, rational for investing in Pitti eng. This company seems to has pledged 20%. Has the management given any explanation on this. Thanks

Pitti engineering-long term investment thesis
(-By Dr pragnesh shah)

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Summary of one up on wall street by peter lynch

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Hi @Pragnesh,
What is your comparative analysis of PItti vs Anup, especially considering your style of buy and hold for long term (>10 years).

Adding Ganesha eco

Portfolio may be down around 40-50% from peak(not calculated)

Note…Adding from cash,
Not sold single stock


Hi @Pragnesh sir, is it possible to add a table with your current holdings.
Also, may you share your CAGR aim for your PF?


Adding Hindware

Acrysil,beta drugs, pitti,pix and ganesha have highest portfolio allocation

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Sorry for late reply,actually i forgot to reply

Common thing about anup and pitti is they both are in engineering.But otherwise both serve different products and different industries

A…Pitti eng

Company’s products find application in basic capital goods, such as motors and alternators, which are themselves quintessentially used in any process engineering.

=Railway n metro@30%
=power generation@15%
=Special purpose motor@11%


B…Anup eng

…They make
heat excjanger@70%
Press valve@22%

=oil and gas refining (70%)
=petrochemical and
=fertilizer sectors,
=water treatment