Pragnesh's portfolio



1…(june 2021)

Recently The company has been awarded a contract under the Jal Jivan Mission for the rural drinking water supply to 1000 villages in two districts of Uttar Pradesh namely Varanasi and Aligarh
• The value of this project is approximately Rs 1000 Cr and details regarding it will be out post approval of the detailed report and the project should be constructed and commissioned within 21 months of signing of the contract

1…(2017)Goa plant for membranes started in 2017
=Integrated and automated reverse
osmosis membrane manufacturing
process at Verna, Goa.

2…(2019).new rnd centre at hyderabad

3…strong order book
(Oct 2020)The company has an approximate order book of INR 6,500 Mn excluding Sri
Lanka project. The Sri Lanka project outstanding USD 90 Mn.

4…Over 50 patents
Over 100 products launched

5…(High margin)Selective profitable orders

=We continue to remain conservative. We avoid the tendency to pick up
orders at lower margins and also prefer not to pick up orders just for the sake of filling the
books. In the long run, we do have to execute these orders and they may constraint our
capacity to invoice the more profitable orders. So we prefer to be selective about the orders
we want to pursue aggressively and profitability is an important criteria which we use for the

=Government orders are minuscule compared to industrial orders, so impact on WC is not that much (I’m sure the question was asked with VA Tech Wabag in mind).

6…Your company also continued to maintain its market
leadership in innovative and advanced Zero Liquid
Discharge (ZLD) projects.


=The Resin Division continued to contribute to the
company’s growth and profitability. Whilst the company
has established its position as a reliable and quality
supplier in geographies such as USA, Europe, it has
successfully exported its products to the SE Asian market through its established presence in these

=Integrating its innovation in ion exchange resin
technology and standard engineering, your company
launched a unique product INDION SWIFT 5Gx to meet
the growing requirements of high purity water systems
required by the pharmaceutical, power, semi-conductor
and electronic industries. Based on several unique
features of this product, the company received a large
number of orders for this product during the year under

The resin facility at Ankleshwar has also obtained renewed prestigious certificates

=It has secured breakthrough orders for membranes
manufactured in the newly constructed state-of-the-art
integrated Reverse Osmosis membrane manufacturing
facility in Goa.

…Your company has posted a turnover of INR 315 crores
driven by the chemicals business in addition to revenues
from ongoing engineering projects including Sri Lanka.
…It has secured breakthrough orders for membranes
manufactured in the newly constructed state-of-the-art
integrated Reverse Osmosis membrane manufacturing
facility in Goa.
…Your company consolidated business in geographies
like the North America, Middle East, SE Asia, South and
East Africa by increasing business presence in many
countries in these geographies.

11…The water and wastewater treatment market and company will continue to
grow on account of

…increase in demand due to rapid
…Water demand in the country is expected to grow at 21% CAGR over 2015-2020.

=A study by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has revealed that almost 62,000 MLD of sewage is generated across
urban India and there are just 816 STP installed that treat 23,277 MLD or 37.5% of sewage per day.

=Strict sewage disposal directives issued by
Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) necessitate efficient

…Implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge
regulation by the government on industries, is expected to
stimulate the wastewater treatment market even further.
…In India only 60% of industrial waste water is treated.
…Around 40% of the STP’s do not conform to the environment protection standards. Compliance by state owned STP’s is low.
…The waste water treatment sector is expected to grow faster than the water treatment sector.
… Increased government regulations on waste water discharge to drive demand for water and waste water treatment chemicals.

of water for industrial and
domestic uses.

probable projects
INR 500 bn (USD 7.7 bn) has been allocated for investment in 500 towns and cities under AMRUT and another INR 480 bn
(USD 7.4 bn) has been put aside for upgrading 100 cities to attain ‘smart’ status.

=•“Namami Gange”,
…the clean Ganga initiative, can create significant opportunities.
… INR 200 bn (USD 3 bn) has been pledged by the government over the next five years to clean up the Ganga