Patels airtemp limited

Any progress notes on this lately ? Thanks.

awaiting the AR. otherwise no information.

Huge delivery percentages since the last twenty days or so. Product is in superior demand, strong demand and results posted by Heat Exchanger manufactures (Anup Engg, GMM Pfaudler’s Engineering Division), and other private players.

Being certified by the top authorities in the US, and India; coupled with a strong export franchise, it seems Patel’s Airtemp could possibly deliver great results.

The entire heavy engineering sector is seeing a traction, this should surely benefit such a profitable company!


Since the industry and production boom is coming, I think it is a huge opportunity for this company…

The Company has continued in receiving enquiries from
current and new clients from Domestic and Export market. It’s
my pleasure to inform you that as on 1 August, 2022, the
company is having confirmed orders of about ` 456 Crores
which gives opportunity to achieve growth in terms of
revenue and become market leaders.
Annual report 2021-22


Promoters buy about 10% stake at 232 is a very positive signal. The price was about 200 in August 2022. i think the company is going to see huge increase in orders - from domestic and exports. with many companies diverted to India (from china) it is going to big boost for the company.


Where is this information available that promoters bought 10% stake at 232? I can see that the shareholding has rather gone down by 6% because Rashmika Patel has been classified as a non promoter now. As for promoter buying from open markets, I can see couple of trades in Aug 2022 but it is just around 0.5%. It is indeed a big positive if what you are saying is correct.

Seems like they have taken up the Stake increase through preferential allotment @mkt price… equity capital increased from 5.0 to 5.47… additionally veru helathy order book… same segment peer Anup Engineering is doing good… over all good. but
seems like the have a court case file by someone… I could not understand what is interlocutry case ?

promoters bought at mkt price of 232 was very positive. As it is a small cap, price is volatile but over long term it is multibagger. Demand for air cooled technology is large - they just have to execute… they have decades of experience…