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In the context of the discussion in thread “the ART of Valuation”, the 18th Wealth creation study done by Motilal Oswal is an excellent read.

You can find the link to the report in this article.


Looks like they exclude small cap stocks from the study. Otherwise, Ajanta might have given more than 100% CAGR in last 5 years and should be at the top of the list.

Got the answer after reading the methodology. The study is about wealth creation in absolute numbers. Thus, it is highly biased in favor of large caps. A 10% addition to a 1 lakh crore Mcap company will be 10k crore and it will be added to the list, but a 100% addition to a small cap with 500 crore Mcap will add only 500 crore at the Mcap level and it will not be added to the list.

Lovely article on Mr. Megh Manseta

I am missing our dear friend Mr. Deepak Swamy on the forum. Wish him well. An equity investment forum without quarterly result updates and the following discussion looks very dull. Wish we could automate the update task some way or some other kind soul took up this work on himself.

Hemant is doing a great job in terms of providing the conf. call updates :slight_smile:

Ya Raj,

Even I am missing Deepak… Hope he is fine. I think we all will have to collectively take the responsibility of updating the quarterly numbers in his absence.

Hemant, thanks a lot for the con call update :slight_smile:



Few of us are planning for a meeting/get together at Singapore during next week. If anyone from here would like to join, please drop me a PM.

Anyone on the forum has links to manufacturing industry in consumer durable device (white goods industry) like Washing Machine, Rice Cooker etc…

Please ping me. Need some help on this field very urgently.

there was a study which showed that diversifcation above 7 stocks doesnt really decrease the downfall significantly. will search and post. was also in one of the talks Basant sir gave. but as one says whatever gets u a good night sleep :smile: