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NLC India LTD - How to identify their margins on Solar & Wind Projects


I have been following and researching NLC India LTD since last three years and consider it a good buy. It is not followed by any brokerage houses so I don’t have any report to look at.

Based on my understanding of the Power Sector and reading of the annual reports, the company is very vocally moving towards Renewable sources - solar and wind. However, the margins in solar and wind are not very high given the competitive bidding that’s happening.

The company has 140 MW of operational solar projects and another 1500 MW under construction. Then, there are a few projects in proposal stage. 51 MW of Wind Energy projects are operational. Since the company doesn’t have expertise or experience in renewables, unlike coal based power plants, it basically outsources these projects to other agencies in SDO mode.

I could not find this information anywhere - how to identify the margins of Solar & Wind Power projects that NLC India has undertaken already?