Navvod's Portfolio - Needs trimming

Piramal Enterprises is currently 5% of my Portfolio and is a Free Holding for me. So not interested in buying more.

However, I have to agree both Strides and Edelweiss have higher allocation currently and I will either bring down or completely exit my allocation at an appropriate time.

Please bear in mind that I have higher capacity to hold in terms of time period and capacity to suffer. Currently both Strides & Edelweiss are loss making in my PF.

I currently have limited exposure to international markets but will add more and increase my exposure going forward.

I currently hold the below:

International Stocks:

Novo Nordisk A/S
Chr. Hansen A/S
Ambu A/S and
Evolution AB

Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF


PS: Above are held in a separate account, hence treat them as a separate PF, but thought worth mentioning as a disclosure.

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Current allocation of stocks:

Wondering what I can do to optimize my returns as I have now dried up all cash reserves. Any suggestions ?

Generally an approach I use in such cases is.

  1. Never sell in bear market
  2. If I absolutely have to, sell the ones whose management you trust the least.
  3. As per my research, holding company discounts remain for good reason (non-current liabilities) and they are here to stay. So i don’t invest in those however cheap they might appear. I think I shared the same view earlier also in your thread. Apologize for repitition.

Hi Navvod,
In my point of view, I would do the following,

  • reduce (buying) activity.
  • keep your winners.
  • sell least convincing stocks.
  • If you really need to buy then sell the least convincing stock at near all time high.
  • dont forget to look for reasonable ROE. Some of the stocks have poor ROE.

Never trust free advice. Follow your conviction.
Hope it’s useful.

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Exited Hikal around 385 and moved the amount to PI Industries.

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Added 3% each of Deepak Nitrite and Jubilant Food


Hello All,

Since January 2022, I felt better opportunities exist else where and have totally exited
Edelweiss, Godrej Consumer, Hikal, Solara and Strides

Have added Deepak Nitrite, Jubilant Foodworks and Dhampur Sugar.
Increased my allocations in HDFC Life, Asian Paints, Pidilite, P I Industries, Neuland and Sequent.

My current allocations looks like this:


Hello guys,

I have made some changes to my PF over the last few months and my current allocations look like this:

Sold out few underperformers and moved to better opportunities. Ideally I would have liked to bring down the number of stocks but I wanted to strictly keep all stocks below 10% allocation and sectoral allocations below 30% for better diversification.

And my sectoral allocation looks like this:

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I have now exited
Asian Paints - Due to expensive valuations and I expect it to come down further due to new entrants HDFC Life - Due to better opportunities in market and at better valuations
Narayana Hrudayalaya - I feel better opportunities are available in market

Added Balaji Amines and Praj Industries.
Increased allocations in Indoco, Suven, Laurus.
Have been accumulating Piramal Pharma continuously, already have decent Qty after demerger from PEL.

Below is my current stock allocation:

And my sectoral allocation (at cost) looks like this: