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Yes this is troubling; the feed costs going up. Maize and Soya is on the rise. Historically its price has grown from Rs 5600 in 2005 to currently around Rs14000 per tonne. This is staggering as the prices of feed amount will have a direct effect on eggs and broilers. Iv read that the feed business as part of their group and this will reflect in the profitability soon.

On comparing you will find that Venkys has a diverse range of offeringsâfrom chicken to eggs to manufacturing of farm equipment to feed,nutrition products, vaccine production. On the other hand, Suguna is firmly focused on broiler chicken. Suguna is number 1 in India but Venkys is a bigger brand name and going global as well. Too bad Suguna aint listed :slight_smile: The Poultry space in India specifically is an interesting one to invest for a lot of reasons(eating habits changing, lamb/fish not liked by majority, taboo on pork/beef etc). This leaves a lot of room for the poultry sector to grow. One can expect the business to grow at a minimum of 12-15% CAGR on a 5 year basis.

Hi Jayant,

I agree with your point that shareholder’s money cannot be used lavishly for spending on football teams, IPL matches, golf, etc.

I think SEBI should closely regulate the spending or the so-called sponsoring of events in the name of promoting sports. This expense should be capped at a certain level - say 1% (or x%) of revenues, and beyond that the company must get approval through a Special Resolution.

There are many companies spending on passionate stuff (which in no way adds value to shareholders) - take the case of Kingfisher, UB, India Cements, Deccan Cronicle, DLF, Sahara, etc.

The recent BCCI ghotala clearly shows how money makes rules…so better to counter this issue today before it becomes much bigger. One may argue its an internal matter of the company, but SEBI must intervene because its not their private funds, rather shareholder’s or public’s money that is being misused.

SEBI- I’m not sure if they are the right authority, but some authority should do this job.


'B.Venkatesh Rao]