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My top 4 Picks

My top 5 picks from small cap are

1). Kavveri Telecom

2). Autoline Industries Ltd

3.Compucom Software Ltd

4). Marg ltd

5.Mayur Uni

For me

  1. EIL

  2. Mayur Uni

  3. Yes Bank

  4. Page Ind

Views Invited on the choice

Autolne ind showing substantial upmoves seem to have sold Pune land should be out of their debt woes are they also getting some empanelment with some auto majors. .???

My top 4 picks are:

  1. Dewan Housing: reasonably priced and good growth potential HF company with no capital raising needs for the next 2 years
  2. indiabulls HF: good growth HF with excellent dividend yield
  3. yes Bank: personally I think it is the best bank pick for capital growth
  4. Manappuram: stabilizing base business with no NPA worries. New avenues offer oppurtunity for growth and capital appreciation. Reasonable value.
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which are your top picks?

  1. Avanti feds
  2. BLS International
  3. Viaan industries
  4. Garware wall ropes
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My picks are

  1. CDSL has good cash flow in both bull and bear phases
  2. PEL Multiple Verticals, demerge, value unlocking possibility, visionary management
  3. Accelya Kale proxy to aviation, change in promoters, consolidation in the industry. dividend play
  4. Shankara Building Products good infra play without the usual risk of realty/infra execution/sale of built-up areas.

Disc: This is not a recommendation do your own study.



Just wanted to understand how in bear phase CDSL can have cash flows. Also how do we expand PEL.

CDSL is a depository which holds securities in digital form. Their infrastructure is already in place and they need very minimal incremental investment going forward. They recently started that service for commodities as well. They hold about 60% of market vis s vis NSDL with respect to demat accounts. As the stock/other securities market penetration increases as expected they will have enough growth. You may read more about it here Vivek Gautam Portfolio As mentioned by @Vivek_6954 the stock is richly valued due to scarcity premium. PEL is Piramal Enterprises


My picks are:

  1. Adani Transmission - Huge opportunity as India lacks requisite power infra and with increasing power consumption. More transmission lines needed and Adani is the largest private player.
  2. BLS International - Huge opportunity of Visa Processing and Governance. Turnover can increase without much capex.
  3. Lasa Labs - Undervalued compared to its peers. Starting of unit V may be the next trigger.
  4. DHFL - Undervalued HFL. i believe the segment it caters is most promising than the other segments of the HFL. It may grow faster because of its reach.
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My Top 4 picks are below which gave me handsome return around 80% in last 1.5 year. All below stocks is a long term story like 3-5 years.

  1. DHFL- Cheapest HFC and re-rating is going on. Its has been 3 bagger for me
    2.OCCL- In Oligopoly business and capacity expansion will improve the profits. Electric vehicles tyres would require more insoluble sulphur and its has been 3 bagger for me
  2. PEL- Purely banking on CEO Ajay Piramal and gained 80% profit.
  3. Spice Jet- Recently entered at 107 and aviation sector is under penerated and due to electric vehicles, oil prices will come down. Also Boeing is going to release electric aeroplane in 2022 which will reduce the expenses interms of Oil. The way Ajay singh as turnaround the company is commendable.

I would pick:

  1. Ujjivan
  2. Ineos
  3. Indigo
  4. Hitachi

Dear Vetri,
Can you please throw some light on VIAAN ind if you wish to share.
Let us know what is your expectation from the company.

Viaan industries is an undiscovered stock in the high growth sectors, in my

  1. Mobile technology licensing ( manufactured in India exported to CIS
    countries )
  2. Mobile and video gaming ( a game sold to Eros, several others about to
    be launched )
  3. TV based real time gaming ( Aunty Boli, Lagau Boli in Colors TV every
    sunday 12 noon )
  4. Health and wellness Ayurvedhic products ( like Amway model )
  5. Yo Yo - flavoured yoghurt already in Bangalore market in franchisee model

The key point in Viaans model is that none of the business require a big
capex. They will generate cash on its own with high RoE
The eps on re 1 FV for FY18 is expected to be between 2 and 3…It may
surprise on upside closer to the upper band. Currently the mobile biz is
95% of revenue. In next 2 - 3 yrs, it could drop to 70 - 80% due to the
other biz achieving scale
Risk: Raj Kundra does not have a good name for reputation in biz circles.
But he has named the co in the name of his son viaan. hopefully this will
be a better avatar.

Disc: Invested from lower levels…This is not a solicitation to buy or
sell the stock


My top picks.

  1. Icici Lombard
  2. Indusind bank
  3. heritage foods.
  4. Future consumer

Can I ask why you chose ICICI Lombard instead of ICICI Pru.

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@vishal , What is story about Compucom? They have not achieved much in 20 years.

My top picks

  1. Rallis India
  2. ICICI Prudential
  3. Mahanagar Gas
  4. CDSL
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Hi Harjot, general insurance low penetration 1% gdp, lombard is private
sector market leader in general insurance and is expanding the product
portfolio, so there is moat, but execution by management have to be

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