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Hey @richdreamz -

Per my imagination, it’s to create a centralized repository like ‘Database On Indian Economy’ ( by RBI or EPFO portal. A centralized portal helps the regulator to improve oversight, do analytics for further strengthening the regulations, take up and settle disputes, and enable anytime-anywhere access to policies.

I do not think that PB’s headstart of 12+ to become the portal of choice for end users will be under threat from this initiative.

Thanks for sharing your views on PB and Delhivery. As of now, the lack of a major promoter and daily smoke by media about the end of the lock-in period for Pre-IPO investors are keeping the price volatile. In my view, their price is yet to form a base.

FYI: The Bima-Sugam topic was touched upon in the latest conf call of PB in case you are yet to read that.

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I’m replying to your @ here as my posts in other threads go for moderation.

I have written my thoughts & dilemmas & wavering entries & exists here so there’s not much I can add. Let me provide some qualitative points if you find it helpful -

I have vested interest only in Nykaa, PB, Delhivery.

Zomato - Post Blinkit acquisition, I’m not interested in the story.

Paytm - This is jack of all & master of none. Was never interested. The current correction though seems irrational. Also, VSS cross holdings in Paytm payments bank instead of Paytm & many other corporate inconveniences, competition kept me away.

Consider these while buying:

  1. Pain tolerance level
  2. Draw down tolerance
  3. Patience
  4. Holding period
  5. Ego level
  6. Biases
  7. Portfolio allocation
  8. Exit criteria
  9. Return expectations
  10. Your age
  11. Differentiate b/w Noise vs. Voice
  12. Opportunity cost

Remember, EV/Sales comparison is not straightforward. For example, the steady state margins of PB will be much higher than Nykaa. So, cross industry EV/Sales is not recommended.

Instead, compare Delhivery vs. UPS vs. Fedex and decide what premium you want to accord for growth, opportunity size & other metrics.

You made good points in your post. Keep digging & learning. Don’t fall for media headlines - most authors hardly have any investing experience, twitter posts for acquiring likes.

After steep corrections, the stocks actually go for a deep slumber. So, opportunity cost is involved. If you think there will be quick recovery, have a coherent reason why?

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Thanks for the reply!

Regarding Zomato, I am not sure about management quality. Investment disclosures regarding Blinkit acquisition were not very transparent. However, it’s an oligopoly with all other players except Swiggy out of the market. It’s very difficult to make a food delivery business in India as likes of UberEats, OlaChef, Foodpanda etc have failed miserably in the last few years.

It’s very difficult task to invest in falling stocks, in general. These stocks may not do very well for a considerable amount of time. High growth tech stocks may remain out of favour for longer if interest rates remain high.

That said, i am more of a trader than an investor. I don’t have patience to hold a underwater position for long. But given the valuation and forced selling, i find all these opportunities attractive for a short term as well.

Long term, as always, would depend on if management is able to execute well and deliver on the promises of growth and profitability.


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