My mistakes with the stock market

I bought Tanla in 2009. The name used to be different. I also bought Pidilite back then.

Tanla dragged on and i forgot about the stock market for many years. In 2012, If I remember correctly, i sold Tanla on an impulse and kept Pidilite because it was in substantial profit.

It was a mistake because I don’t know when this company took off and it would have been many thousand percent profits for me, had i not sold it.

I still own Pidilite, now 5500% profits, goes to show what holding a stock for a long time can do to your money.

So here’s the second mistake. I bought a very low quantity of Pidilite and never added it subsequently, funnily because any new purchase would have increased my average purchase price. Ego over money :slight_smile:

So ya, 5500% looks good as percentage.