My Dream Portfolio

In Excel sheet track the monthly returns of your portfolio and index over 1 year,then you will get fair idea is it possible to beat the index with these stocks.
Another way is search a fund which invest in these stocks or mostly in these stocks.
So, By paying 0.5 to 1% to MF they can track and manage.

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why should beating an index should be criteria? You should be able to beat top rated Mutual fund by fair margin otherwise it is better to put money into mutual fund

Mutual Fund also consider Index as Benchmark for performance.
One Index and 100s of Mutual fund. You decide what is easy to track and mutual fund returns changes each day and ranking changes.

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of course they do and their purpose is to beat benchmark. If you can’t beat or generate returns which is equal to benchmark then i would chose top rated mutual funds based on various criteria.

You don’t choose mutual funds based on rankings but based on consistency:

  1. Have they consistency been in top 50% (if it is 25% the better) for the given fund criteria.
  2. Have they consistency been in top 50% for the risk management (You can check alpha, beta, sharpe etc).
  3. Fund manager retention: Make sure fund managers are not rotating very often.

If you can’t beat Index by margin of 5% then i believe the amount of time and energy invested isn’t worth it. Just give a fee to MF and do something else in life. Just my 2 cents.

My Updated Portfolio
My portfolio consist of 4 category

  1. Coffee can category (approx 45% of holding)
    Reliance industries (CMP - 1484)
    HDFC bank (CMP - 1086)
    Hindustan Unilever (CMP - 2074)
    Titan Company (CMP - 1138)
    SBI Life (CMP - 883)
    HDFC life (CMP - 519)
    HFC Ltd (CMP - 1981)
    HDFC AMC (CMP - 2524)
    Bajaj Finance (CMP - 3041)
    SBI Card (CMP - 656)
    ICICI Lombard (CMP - 1350)
    Britannia Indust (CMP - 3085)
    Asian paint (CMP - 1823)
  2. Consistent growth stock (approx 19% of holding)
    Relaxo Footwear (CMP - 642)
    L&T Technology (CMP - 1522)
    Havells (CMP - 604)
    Polycab India (CMP - 964)
    Fine organics (CMP - 1931)
    Atul limited (CMP - 4749)
    Aarti industries (CMP - 1038)
    Minda Ind (CMP - 343)
    Bandhan bank (CMP – 305)
  3. High conviction stock (approx 30% of holding)
    IDFC first bank (CMP – 26.91)
    Sirca Paint (CMP - 243)
    Deepak Nitrite (CMP - 449)
    Bajaj healthcare (CMP - 305)
    L&T infotech (CMP - 1944)
    Sandhar technology (CMP - 209)
    Network 18 media
  4. High risk investment (approx 5% of holding)
    Bharat parenteral limited (CMP - 294)
    Everest organics (CMP - 181)
    Nikhil adhesive (CMP - 175)
    Titan biotech (CMP - 157)
    Mirc electronics (CMP – 9.1)
    Infobean technology (CMP - 144)

• My holding period is 20 yr plus
• Net portfolio 14% up as of now.
• Category 1,2 &3 are permanent holding.
• In Cateory 4, new stock with great future will be added but at any stage investment in this category will be less than 10% of total investment.
• Investment in BFSI sectors is approx 38%.
• Investment in IT/Pharma /Specialty chemicals/FMCG is approx 40%%.
• Suggestions are welcome.


Thanks for sharing your PF and rationale behind. For your 35 stocks people gave some sarcasm loaded with efficiency remark and if I disclose mine full PF i am afraid that I will be beaten left and right :slight_smile: (pun intended).
IMO, you should develop your own style keeping vision, conviction, financial goals in mind. The long term approach will give you the best rope to move along. Don’t get swayed by concentration vs diversification debate. Be at peace with yourself and keep learning along the journey. Add please be mindful of tracking your PF performance periodically and aligned with your long term goals.
Your most of the stock selection is good and so need not worry in short term. Mine VK PF too has some commonality.

Happy investing journey.


My updated Portfolio…

  1. BFSI: 30%
    Bajaj finance, HDFC Ltd, HDFC life, ICICI Lombard, IDFC First bank, Bandhan bank.

  2. IT/ IT Related stock: 22%
    LT infotech, LTTS, Happiest Mind Tech, Affle india, Vertoz advertising, Route mobile

  3. Speciality chemicals:12%
    Deepak Nitrite, Atul, Aarti industries, Fine organics Blackrose industry

  4. Pharma. 9%
    Bajaj healthcare, Laurus lab, JB chemicals

  5. FMCG
    Britannia, HUL

  6. Auto ancillary
    Minda Ind, Sandhar tech

  7. Paint
    Asian paint, Sirca paint, Indigo paint

  8. Miscellaneous
    Titan, Havells, Polycab, Relaxo

Net portfolio is 38% gain.
Top ten holding constitute 50 % of total holding at present.


Bajaj Healthcare to be listed on NSE
Fasted growing pharma company.

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  1. Happiest mind technology
  2. Bajaj Healthcare
  3. Bajaj finance
  4. Deepak Nitrite
  5. IDFC first bank
  6. LTTS
  7. HDFC life
  8. Beta drug
  9. BSE limited
  10. Newgen software


  1. KPIT technology
  2. Route mobile
  3. Infobean technology
  4. CAMS
  5. Laurus lab
  6. Relaxo footwear
  7. ICICI Lombard
  8. Havells limited
  9. Polycab India
  10. Minda India
  11. Sandhar technology
  12. Indigo paint
  13. Sirca paint
  14. Atul limited
  15. Aarti indust
  16. Fine organics
  17. Blackrose Ind


  1. ASM technology
  2. Sagarsoft India
  3. Cybertech system and security
  4. Ishan dye and pigment
  5. Resonance speciality chemical
  6. Add shop E Retail
  7. India pesticide
  8. Exxaro tiles

Group A constitute approx 62 % of portfolio.
Group B constitute approx 35 % of portfolio.
Group C constitute approx 3% of portfolio.

Sectorwise i have exposure in…
IT stocks approx 30%.
BFSI. 20 %.
Pharma 17%.
Speciality chemical 14%.

Presently I have approx 59% gain.

Investment horizon is 20 yr plus.
I believe there is only one rule in stock market…There is no rule in stock market.
Buy right, sit tight.
If i could achieve 20% plus CAGR, my investment journey will be successful. I m going to achieve it easily.

I am presently in Microinvestment phase.
If i could find any stock having 100 times growth potential, will add in my portfolio.

View and comments are invited.


Lot of Good companies in the list. But IMHO selecting companies is overrated, Weightage to a stock in a portfolio is underrated.

Future autoancillary stock.

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Dear respected members
I m well aware that this is a place of fundamental discussion only.
So no speculative talk to be done here.
But hopefully i may talk about my portfolio.
i believe in long term investment only.
i am firm believer of buy n forget strategy.

Some of issue are going to hurt market badly as i m coming through deep search…

  1. Market valuation at quite high.
  2. Rising inflation at lifetime high.
  3. China real state market about to collapse.
  4. US tech market bubble.
  5. Economy collapse in Srilanka, turky etc…some more country like argentina, Iraq, libya, Brazil.
  6. Cryptocurrency crash.
  7. Raining of IPO.
  8. LIC IPO will suck large liquidity.
  9. Geopolitical situation in world like Russia Ukraine china taiwan India.
  10. Civil war like condition in Gulf countries.
  11. End of pandemic with pandemic induced slowdown will result in process of rebalancing.
  12. Oil reserve shortage and rising oil prices.
  13. Rising rate of unemployment in China, unites state, India.
  14. 10 trillion dollars currency printed and pumped in equity market. Fed policy to taper inflation …USA.
  15. Low forecost for GDP growth in Europeon country.

I am observing a huge market correction even bigger than 2008, 2020.
Upto 10-15% correction is well acceptable for long term investors, but >20% correction is not acceptable.

What to do?
Should we try to protect our capital?
Or wait for opportunity?

Please give your suggestions.

Take out your capital requirements for near term and leave the rest. Peace of mind is better than high returns.

thanks @akash_das .
lets wait n watch.

Dear members
With above reasons i have taken my measures to protect my capital.
Let’s see what happens.
Will restructure my portfolio after storm over.

It is just so hard to time the market, No one anticipated market to go up so much after corona crash but then it market is up like crazy. My mantra is simple buy great companies at reasonable prices and see through crash if any. If you have bought great company at reasonable price it should not go down too much to start with and then it should recover quickly when market is back.

Market can crash 50% any time which is given so we all should be ready


@lokeshreddy2007 thanks for your kind suggestions.

@DocDhriru, As other members have told, it is hard to time the market. Many a times, sitting with cash expecting a market downfall may lead to opportunity cost. In my experience, good large cap companies with a MOAT and sound promoters always returns back to the median quickly in the event of a crash. I have learned to keep at least 5% cash always to deploy when such events occur. My 2 cents.