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Mudit ji, do we know the record date for merger of IDFC ltd with IDFC First Bank ?
What is the arbitrage ratio between them

There can be no such date declaration as of now since lots of regulators are still to give permission. Just for SEBI, it may take many months. So mostly industry experts are saying that 12 to 18 months will be required to complete this merger. The last time I saw the price difference between two was giving around 15 to 17% arbitrage. But I dont know exact figures.

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Today after lots of ifs and buts, finally I re-entered HDFC bank. The dominating reason is to give stability to the portfolio with moderate index returns of 14-15%. Instead of investing in Flexicap Funds, i felt more at home with buying HDFC bank directly.
( Top 3 Flexicap Funds, namely Parag parikh Flexicap, Kotak flexicap and HDFC flexicap with all 3 having 40,000 crore AUM are having HDFC bank as dominant holding. Around 10%)
Earlier I had sold HDFC bank, giving reason that I dont want to invest in very large companies , which may slow down my portfolio compounding. But stability of the portfolio is also an important factor when your most of the capital is in your direct stocks.

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Very fair enough approach Mudit ji. As I am still 4 yr old only to the markets, I invest 50% of my money via mutual funds and 50% via direct stocks. The mutual funds side helps me find some stability in my portfolio.

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Any SWOT done with Kotak/ICICI before buying HDFC. Also, why not other Large Caps outside of banking such as PowerGrid or ITC?HUL if stability is only criteria.

I already hold ICICI bank. And since already including HDFC bank, i will be having 3 banks and 2 NBfCs hence no kotak. I used to hold it earlier, but not now. Overall Financial sector also should not cross a particular limit.

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I have started tracking position in two companies
Cera Sanitaryware and
Ratnamani Metals. And started studying both.
Since both are at very high valuations, i wont be increasing positions so soon.
Any helpful comments are welcome

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REGULATORYMEASURES8785E7886A044B678FB8AF2C6C051807_231117_065203.pdf (249.3 KB)
Regulatory measures towards consumer credit and bank credit to NBFCs in line with recent announcement by RBI GOVERNOR

:bank:Consumer credit by banks and NBFCs to attract 125% risk weight, from 100% previously
:bank:Credit card loans by banks to attract 150% risk weight from 125% previously
:bank:Credit card loans by NBFCs to attract 125% risk weight from 100% previously

What is your YOY return on investment in percentage terms from last year with current portfolio strategy?

from 1st January 2023 till today (17th nov 2023) my XIRR returns are 24.33%


Pearls of Wisdom.

I have generated 95% PF returns on annualized basis, main USP 25% of PF holding in Kalyan Jeweller from 110 levels.

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stellar returns @Mudit.Kushalvardhan :clap:

what are the top 3 reasons/ideas that you’ll attribute this to? would love to learn. thanks!

My best performed stocks have been polycab, KEI, Apl Apollo, Astral, Titan , Trent , Chola.
So as I observed, proxy to infrastructure theme, cables wires construction steel and retail premium shopping can be thought of as major themes.