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I live in Bangalore, let me know, if I can be of any help in your research.

Amit Singh Pal

@Malhar_Manek Hi Malhar. I have couple of queries pertaining to above stocks:

Talbros Engg:
How is this company better than Tabros Automotive. What is the revenue potential and scope of margin expansion, came to know that a new plant is getting operational in FY 24. There is no mention on potential business or growth in MD&A in 2022 AR, no investor ppt. On the contrary, Talbros Auto has clearly declared the new orders, potential of doubling turnover over a period of next 4 years. Your insights on this?

Loyal Equipments:
Nothing mentioned in MD&A regarding future potential. less info available in public as compared to Anup. In this scenario, how do you gauge the future potential in these kind of microcaps. Unless we have a strong conviction, allocation in individual stocks cannot be significant.


Agreed there is very little clarity anywhere for Talbros engineering . Margins have expanded for the last year. There is just a line in the annual report saying they will focus on exports for growth. New plant will start in fy24 according to AR

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Hey @Malhar_Manek

Completely agree with you on finding insights in pages of history. As a 22 year old I only have experience of 4 years in the market but reading the great investor and businesses has improved me as a businessman (Like one of Buffet’s famous quips).

I’m starting my research on Lakshmi Electricals and would love to do it with you. Let’s pool efforts and research?


Lakshmi Electrical control system AGM meeting details:

  1. Orderbook: As the company has very short delivery cycle and hard to predict for the long term basis and its as per customer requirements.
  2. Customer Acquisiton: Company is looking to add customers in electrical, plastics, ev chargers and smart meters.
  3. plastic segment opportunity- products consists of industrial and medical plastics and focusing on adding customers on yearly basis.
  4. EV and smart meters Opportunity : GOI is promoting the state discoms to implement smart meters and currently company is working into ac and dc chargers for 3w and 4w, single and three -phase energy meters.
  5. Capex - Estimates would be on business requirements on time-to-time.
  6. Margins - Its low due to raw material availabilty and customer demand and raw materials prices haven’t been recovered fully.
  7. promotors holding - Currently the promoter holdings is low but it would increase its holding as and when appropriate.
  8. Growth- Prof. have been hired already for the growth and company is working towards it.
  9. Roadmap - It wants to be a active player in electrical segment and looking to scale up new products.
  10. Revenue segments - textile, cnc, compressor industry.
  11. Automation of plants- Its under process and it would be starting in H2 of FY24.
  12. Products - assemble control panels for required for textile machinery and cnc machinery, manufacture industrial plastcs, use steel cabinets which products electrical components for panel assembly and polymer for industrial plastics.
  13. Company has done technology absorption for smart meters for which details can be seen in the annual report.