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Kovai Medical Center and Hospital: A True Hidden Gem

Kovai Medical ~ Fundamental Analysis By KBF:

Kovai Medical Center and Hodpital (KMCH)

CMP : Rs754/-

FV: Rs10/-

Mkt Cap: Rs826 Cr

Enterprise Value: Rs1441 Crs

Eq Cap: Rs10.94 Crs

Reserves: Rs420 Crs

Loan Liab: Rs570 Crs

Fixed Assets: Rs913 Crs

Current Assets: Rs129.24 Crs (Includes Cash Balance of Rs101.89 Crs)

EPS: Rs86/-

Industry PE : 43

Stock PE : 9

Div : 30%

Promoter Holding: 51%

FIIs & DIIs Holding: 28%

Sector: Hospitals & Medical Services

BV : Rs393/-

P/BV : 2


Kovai Medical Center & Hospital is a multi-disciplinary super specialty 894 Bed Hospital with modern medical facilities and state-of-the-art medical equipments.


A Health Care Provider of Western Approach with an Indian Touch.

KMCH is the most trusted Multispecialty Hospital in the Southern Indian City of Coimbatore.

The relentless service of KMCH in the past 26 years, taken health care to the most modern levels in the region catering to urban and rural population.


Heart Institute
– Bypass operation, heart transplant, valve repair, further more we have…
– The region’s only heart rhythm specialist (Electro physiologist).
– The region’s only established Paediatrics Cardiologist.

Multi Organ Transplant Center – Heart & Lung, Liver, Kidney and Bone Marrow.

Comprehensive Cancer Center – Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine & PET.

Interventional Radiology – A pioneer in the field of IR advocating methods of expertise to institution across the Globe.

OBG – High risk pregnancies and Fertility Center

Paediatrics – 26 years of unblemishing track record in treating neonates and infants.

Critical Care & Trauma – In emergencies they handle life threatening situations through world class trained Doctors and Intensivists.

Orthopaedics – Hip and Knee Replacement and complex deformity correction.

Others as well
:point_right:Diabetes management,
:point_right:Interventional Pulmonology with EBUS,
:point_right:Cosmetic surgery,
:point_right:Nephrology and
:point_right:Paediatric Surgery.

They believe in bringing the most modern techniques and delivering extraordinary care to ailing population with the highest levels of ethics and standards.

They are committed to continuing medical education, through their fellowship and DNB programs.

They organize atleast one conference a month and support research foundation for continued advancement.
“No matter what your problems are, they receive you with care, so you go back with a smile.”



:point_right:Comprehensive Cancer Center

:point_right:Critical Care Medicine

:point_right:Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

:point_right:General / Laparoscopic / Gastrointestinal and Bariatric Surgery

:point_right:Health Check Program

:point_right:Internal Medicine

:point_right:Interventional Radiology & Imaging Sciences

:point_right:KMCH Heart Institute

:point_right:KMCH Liver Institute

:point_right:Nephrology / Urology


:point_right:Nuclear Medicine & PET CT

:point_right:Obstetrics & Gynaecology

:point_right:Orthopedics and Joint Replacement


:point_right:Speciality Departments



Peripheral Centers

:point_right:KMCH City Center, Ramnagar, Coimbatore

:point_right:KMCH Sulur Hospital, Sulur, Coimbatore

:point_right:Kovai Medical Center – Erode

:point_right:KMCH Speciality Hospital - Erode

:point_right:KMCH Kovilpalayam Hospital



Trauma is an emotional shock producing a lasting harmful effect, because of unpleasant experience from wound or injury.

Road Traffic Accident is one of the common causes of trauma.

Apart from road traffic accidents and other accidents, trauma is also caused by heart attacks (myocardial infraction), poisoning, burns,snakebites, etc.

Death due to these causes can be avoided by providing immediate medical attention.

In practice most death cases are prevented in the first hour of the accident, which is also known as the “GOLDEN HOUR” in the medical parlance.

Prevention of death is possible by providing careful handling of the victim at the accident spot, providing first aid treatment, transporting the patient to the nearest hospital and providing proper medical treatment.

KMCH has extensive medical expertise, facilities and infra-structure to treat all kinds of trauma patients.

KMCH is recognized as one of the best Trauma care centers in the country.

KMCH has organized an expert trauma care team consisting of very senior medical consultants in the departments like Orthopedics, Neuro surgery, General surgery, plastic surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery and rehabilitation and physical medicine.

They are assisted by trained paramedical staff like nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

The Trauma care centers are primarily intended to provide first aid to the accident and emergency victims.

All the trauma care centers have been provided with 24-hour ambulance services with mobile telephone communication facilities.

The ambulance facility can be utilised from any of the trauma care centers at a very short notice by contacting the emergency control room facility at KMCH.

The Hospital offers free transportation of road accident victims from the accident spot to any hospital of their choice up to 20 KM radius from the accident spot.


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