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I haven’t read the article (not a subscriber). Would be grateful if someone can share a summary, especially any insights outside of the recently published Nuvama report.


I don’t have access either. Looks like this video is a summary of this same article:


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It’s available on their website for free

Are the quarterly results out for Kilpest?



Thank you @vikas_sinha

Consolidated Financial Results: The consolidated financial results include the performance of Kilpest India Limited.

  1. Revenue from Operations: The consolidated revenue from operations for the quarter and half-year ending September 30, 2023, was Rs 1,977.55 lakhs, showing an increase compared to the same period last year, which was Rs 1,737.13 lakhs.
  2. Other Income: The consolidated other income was Rs 274.97 lakhs for this period.
  3. Total Income: The total income for the quarter and half-year ending September 30, 2023, was Rs 2,192.52 lakhs.
  4. Expenses: The total expenses for the consolidated financials amounted to Rs 1,166.47 lakhs, which include costs like material consumption, employee benefits, depreciation, and other operational costs.
  5. Profit Before Tax: The profit before tax for this period was Rs 1,026.05 lakhs.
  6. Exceptional Items: There were no exceptional items reported for this period.
  7. Profit After Tax: The profit after tax for the quarter and half-year was Rs 758.71 lakhs.
  8. Earnings per Equity Share: The earnings per equity share for both basic and diluted calculations were Rs 8.86.

Looks like the name change has gone into effect in some places but not everywhere — screener shows “3D Blackbio…” but the BSE website still shows Kilpest


^ AMR poses a significant threat to public health. Kilpest recently came out with a TRURapid test for AMR (details in the latest investor presentation). From a quick Google search it looks like Kilpest is the front runner and possibly the only India based manufacturer. Not sure how big is the market size and how complex is it to make a test like this.

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That’s the wrong name. Hope the multi-year long battle of amalgamation, name change and listing will soon be over with the correct name.

Edit: The wrong name doesn’t seem to do with BSE but it is only on Screener.

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