Keerthi Industries

Many may not be following Keerthi industries so much but I see a potential here due to various reasons like multiple non linked lucrative businesses and an increasing top line yoy.

But some recent events have me confused and would request a view from somebody.

  1. They recently cleared their pledged shares.
  2. They paid dividend for the first time.
  3. They paid dividend on preference shares and loans on time.
  4. Their topline has increased yoy.

But they posted a net loss for PBT. However, post tax refund, the net profit is higher in both yoy and qoq.

Was this a calculated move by promoters to monetize tax return and giveback to the investors?

Also, Cement was the only sector that made a loss but also makes up majority of the business.

How did you read the recent results?

I read your post. There you have said about PBT. It is negative. In this market, for this small company at loss, no one will notice. So, save yourself and focus somewhere else.

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Keerthi Industries announced entering into Oilfield and gas exploration business after approval from investors.

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Keerthi industries won bid for an oil field.


Now entering hoticulture/ floriculture business?

Is it turning out to be a a case of trying too many businesses to try and succeed in one?

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