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Karnataka bank – private bank @ public sector valuation

Excellent results and a definate candidate for re rating

I saw that the gnpa is still high. Capital adequacy ratio lowest in the last few quarters maybe. Overall results feel good
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Fall in Capital adequacy ratio is leading to equity dilution. The price will adjust accordingly.
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SBI says that jet airways account is stressed asset , so does Karnataka bank has also exposure towards jet airways?

Can anyone tell the Quantum of exposure of Karnataka bank towards il&fs

156 cr (0.31% of total advances) Some 32 cr is part of sma2. Remaining is standard. No provisions made so far for ilfs debt.

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In my view, public shareholders should voice their views on passing a resolution for getting it acquired by large banks like HDFC, Kotak, etc. It will unlock value for all the stakeholders involved.

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If possible please share the concall reading

Apart from 156 cr loan they have ~25cr investment exposure too towards IL&FS according to the above research report.

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The management is not replying to the investors query. It is a strong mismanagement in their part. I would request how can I escalate this issue? @hitesh2710 @ayushmit

Could we escalate to SEBI?

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I guess we have to creat a whatsapp group and seriously thinks on it…
It will be good for all small share holders if it was merged with larger banks…

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Alternately, a merger with the likes of LVB, South Indian and Karur Vysya should also be looked into. Major competing banks are 8-10 times the size of Ktk bank.

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Very good results from Karnatka bank. More importantly, asset quality has remained stable.


Lets hope, their execution is efficient. The Bank is valued cheap at the moment. I would also prefer that they bring their GNPA under 3.

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e8aab27b-c6c0-4878-a818-208350cd50e5.pdf (753.4 KB)

Karnataka bank posted all time high net profit of 175cr Total business turnover touched Rs.121339cr Deposits with the bank at 68520cr YOY growth of 9.24%…

Net Profit in FY19 is 477 Cr.
Net NPA in Q1FY19 was 1396 Cr.
Net NPA in Q1FY20 is 1760 Cr.

Is it not alarming that a rise of 364 Cr in net NPA compared to 477 Cr profit, especially when we see this NPA % hovering around 3% and not going down in terms of % even when advances are increasing in the past 3 years ?

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The most worrying factor is profit of just 6 crore in retail lending. I guess the provisioning was brutal.
No one is quite sure why.
Signs of things to come?

Anybody attended AGM? Are there any updates from management on future path.

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Average results from Karnataka bank:

Net profit has declined 12.5%. However has seen growth in retail advances and an improvement in CASA to 27%. Both GNPA and Net NPA have increased while PCR has improved to 69%