Kanchi Karpooram - Dark horse having potential to give multibagger returns

I found Kanchi Karpooram as a good dark horse candidate more than an year ago. Since then it is growing steadily and I feel now, it can pick up pace in quality of earnings from hereon.

The company South India’s first and largest producer of a variety of Terpene and Paper chemicals. The Products range from Turpentine-based chemicals like Camphor, Dipentine, Iso Bornyl Acetate,Soudium Acetate Trihydrate etc. To Gum rosin and its derivates such as Fortified Rosin, Ester Gum, Phenolic / Maleic Resins and many others.

The company is working to develop and expand the customer base to provide industries with a stable, continuous supply of raw materials from a totally new source.


The company has clocked latest nine month EPS of 25+ and may end FY18 with an EPS of 35+

would suggest to keep this stock in the research watchlist.

Pankaj (Twitter: @AnyBodyCanFly)