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Just Dial Limited

I am sure I am missing something here given the stock has corrected over 20% in a month when its revenue beat FY16-Q4 estimates (albeit at higher costs) and its EBITDA came in-line, so curious to know if JD is loosing steam structurally / strategically and falling behind the curve

  • when compared to new breed of start-ups,
  • failed product launch, and
  • lack of clear strategy / business direction

Earlier in the year I was under impression that as the cheap / crazy money has dried up in 2016, JD will fire-up its engines and gain more ground with the cash it has, as earlier (in 2015) it was everyone from Zomato, Practo, Quikr, who were gaining customer acquisition at JDs cost (or say lack of “ad campaigns” as its management has put).

Keen to hear thoughts from other VP’ers following JD (as in Just Dial Ltd and not Jack Daniels)

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