IPO Review - Discussion until listing

Pune e Stock Broking Ltd. is a corporate broking house. The company IPO opens for subscription on March 7, 2024 and closes on March 12, 2024.

Here is the interview with their CFO:

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Pratham EPC Projects Limited is an EPC company that provides a wide range of pipelines and related services to the oil and gas industry. That includes laying pipeline networks, constructing associated facilities, and offering operation and maintenance services to municipal gas utilities.

Get to know more about the company from the Chairman and MD of the company -


Jaipur based Signoria Creation Limited is engaged in manufacturing and marketing women’s apparel.

Listen to this interview with the promoter and get to know more about the company:

Naman In-Store is a leader of furniture and fittings providers for the retail outlets. Watch this exclusive interview with the promoter of the company Mr. Raju Paleja.

Yash Optics & Lenses is now launching an IPO on the SME platform. Tune in as CFO Mr. Yash Doshi unveils the vision that’s setting sights on new horizons!


Emmforce Autotech Limited, a leading drivetrain parts manufacturer, is coming up with a SME IPO from April 23, 2024 to April 25, 2024.

Tune in as the founder and promoter Ashok Mehta shares insights about the company.

Winsol Engineers Limited is engaged in the business of EPC and commissioning services for Balance of Plant (BoP) Solutions for both Wind and Solar power generation companies. The company is coming up with a SME IPO from May 6, 2024 to May 9, 2024.

Tune in as the founder and promoter Ramesh Pindariya shares insights about the company.

Piotex Industries Limited (Pune, Maharashtra) is engaged in the business of contract manufacturing and trading of yarn, fabric and cotton bales.

Here is the interview with the promoters.


Can anyone confirm getting allotment in good SME IPO issues ? Because I am convinced that some kind of scam is going on in the allotment process. Me, my family members and friends are participating in most IPO issues during last one year, with minimum application amount under retail category. Total applications are more than 200 during last one year, including good mainboard issues. But I am yet to get a single allotment. There is no transparency in allotment process. We are also in the dark if SEBI representatives supervise this.
So I am convinced that whole process is rigged. Want to take up with SEBI. Any suggestions?

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I have had luck with few main board IPOs.
The process of allotment is allegedly lottery based.
However all the time when I got allotment, I applied on day 1 first thing in the morning using ASBA from a bank account.

Thanks a lot for your information.


Family member got allotment in KP Green Engineering Ltd due to large size of IPO. Otherwise it is very difficult to get allotment due to the small size of IPO and large subscription.
For example, in Winsol Engineers for 10 lakh offered shares in retail, 80 crore shares were bid for ie 780 times oversubscription. That too in lots, so there is very low chances of getting allotment in retail.

Yes, I know the oversubscription status and difficulty in getting allotment. And I don’t consider KP engg as a good issue.
My point is I am yet to come across any one who got allotment in a good issue like Winsol. Because listing gain in this case is more than 4 lac. So it is sufficient to induce people to adopt unfair means. And that is the reason why I apprehend a scam. I am yet to get confirmation that allotment process is fullproof from any misdoings.
And I know that oversubscription is sometimes more than 700 times. But still in the smallest issue 500/600 retail investors are getting allotment.
So can we take up with SEBI to make allotment process fullproof ? I am writing this because Individual complaint to SEBI may not yield desired result.

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Even I feel the same but how to take up this to SEBI and what SEBI can do on this will they share the allotment list to public? I was just curious on this…

which bank? I not got a single allotment from past 6 IPO’s I applied just wanted to try in you way :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a normal retail investor. Me too got lucky many times. I don’t follow any rule to apply and most of the time I apply at the last hour. I use ICICI direct and family accounts are with HDFC and Kotak.

Latest Go digit IPO too got an allotment.


I use Yes Bank. I don’t know if Bank will make a difference.
The last IPO I looked fwd, applied on day 1 and got was Tata technologies. Applied in both retail and shareholder quota. Got allotted in retail category not in shareholder quota.

My broker insisted that we apply for Winsol Engineers sme IPO since GMP was huge. Saw his message on last day, applied and didn’t get lucky.


Thanks for the Info :+1:

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Beacon Trusteeship Limited (Mumbai, Maharashtra) is a leading SEBI Registered Debenture Trustee offering technology-enable Solutions. Company provides wide range of services such as Debenture Trustee Services, Security Trustee Services, Trustee to Alternate Investment Fund (AIF), Trustee to ESOP, Securitization Trustee, Bond Trusteeship Services, Escrow Services etc.

Tune in to watch the interview with the top management of the company:

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Medicamen Organics Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage form such as Tablets, Capsules, Oral Liquids, and Ointments. It is associated with many domestic and international companies such as Morepen, Anglo French, Elder, Bestochem, Shreya Lifesciences, Wipro, Win Medicare, Jagsonpal.

Tune in to watch the interview with the company top management:

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Sati Poly Plast Limited is engaged in the manufacturing of flexible packaging material.

Here is the interview with the company’s Chairman and MD: