Intense Technologies

Takeaways from analyst meeting as per some people who attended
-Revenue from existing clients will more than take care of opex (60-65 cr). All incremental revenue to flow to bottomline.

  • Will beef up S&M strength to ensure better client wins. Looking to spend $1mn on S&M and $1mn on R&D in fy18. This will be funded through internal accruals.
  • Q3/4 will be better
  • Nse listing anytime now
  • Subsidiary losses will keep coming down as scale improves
  • Company seeing good traction for its products
  • Some large multi country multi million dollar contracts which have reached rfp stage
  • Customers now asking to be shown the entire range of products
  • Hdfc bank 1st indian bank to use uniserve‚Ķexpect to deepen the relationship and also expand to other banks
  • Have enough live contracts to build predictability in numbers‚Ķlumpiness hopefully a legacy issue now
  • Uniservenext is a revolutionary product which was expected to start contributing to revenue from 2018‚Ķbut have already received 3 implementation requests
  • Bsnl kickoff happened‚Ķwill see some revenue in q3‚Ķregular from q4 onwards
  • Company doesnt need money for steady state business‚Ķfund raise only for accelerated growth
  • Looking to hire top talent from across the globe
  • Vodafone has approved uniserve for 21 countries. Hungary statted. Will see implementation starting soon in more circles
  • Have renegotiated contracts with existing clients to take advantage of incremental users and user interactions
  • A full suite implementation at a large telecom client generates appx 5m$ of upfront revenue, with a 15% amc. Any incremental user adds to both license fee as well as amc.
  • Product is now implemented in top insurance cos in india
  • Senior management needs to get involved in final negotiations and deal closure
  • Do only direct deals now‚Ķeven when working with system integrators‚Ķcontract is between client and intense

Amazing !
Stocklady - Where do you see there revenue in 2-3 years?

Impressive takeaways. Now question is what will be the full year profit for
16-17. Can we make any forecast based on Takeaways ?

As a policy, I dont do number forecasts.
I believe even promoters dont know where the co will be one year from today !
However, I can tell you that the day this co does 100m$ of revenue, whenever it does it, the mcap can be 1b$.


Excellent stock pick by stocklady. All the details mentioned are very pin point & straight good R&D done


IBM analysis of Intense Technologies:

Even though Intense dominates the telecom customer-communication
space in the Indian geography, it also supports banking, fi nancial
services, insurance and many other customer-facing clients, both in
India and in other countries. Intense is truly a global provider and, as
such, stays focused on its roadmap for the future, which includes a
commitment to maintaining technology leadership. Intense leadership
asserts that its relationship with IBM and the POWER platform,
including the most recent POWER7 member of this longstanding
family of best-in-class processors, is strategic. The one hundred percent
increase in throughput recently demonstrated on POWER7 reinforces
the value of the relationship between these two technology


BSNL Launches Sanchar Aadhar for Aadhaar Based eKYC and Digital Customer Engagement

‚ÄúIntense Technologies Limited has been selected to deliver the CACMS project on a Pan India basis for all lines of business of BSNL as per the terms and conditions of the tender and on transaction based fee.‚ÄĚ


negative cash flow company will have further negative cash flow due to delayed payments from BSNL.

I was searching abut Unisever few days back. Got this link$cnt&attachmentName=intense_uniserve_on_power7_servers.pdf&token=MTQ4NDQxMzAxNTg4MA==&locale=en_ALL_ZZ

which @hrishikesh has pointed out. I read it and was puzzled on IBM think tank having this opinion. However this was old article. We(along with a friend) laughed on IBM having such insight in 2010 & let it pass as vested interest article due to IBM server business.

On Friday, latest SHP of Intense came. I do analysis of shareholding of core holding every quarter. I have a google sheet to track it. It does not matter much financially, however knowing about large shareholders gives me a comfort of being validated on thought process.

You can access the sheet from this link.

It was good to see that old large share holders were getting out. Most of shareholders with name like AKG FINVest ltd,
ISON Infotel pvt ltd, UNO metal are out. New shareholders have come in. As prices were rising , these large share holders were booking out, Most of these companies look like trading company. Not much info in public.

New entrants were Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd.( No idea who are they??? )
Utsav Srivastava ( individual investor, as per , this is only company where he holds 1% equity) ,I3 Infosystem Private Limited (
The Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited. ( Why did they buy ??). Is it bought for someone who wants to get from kolkata exchange. It puzzles me.

,I3 Infosystem Private Limited is interesting company. This is a company from ISON group. ( This group works extensively in South African market. They are giving service to Telecom companies in this geography.

RAMESH AWTANEY is promoter of this company. As a seasoned MNC executive and technology leader with nearly two decades of experience in Telecommunications and IT, Ramesh has previously served global technology majors such as IBM, Ericsson, and ABB in ASEAN and APAC regions, where he pioneered high-value business models that had a lasting impact in transforming the telecom sector. Achieving the distinct track record of contracting multi-billion dollars of business during his tenure with IBM, Ramesh also executed the path-breaking IBM-Bharti IT outsourcing deal on a revenue-share basis for the first time, which went on to become a benchmark for the industry. The telecom outsourcing arrangement is a Harvard Business case study that has been discussed globally in more than 50 boardrooms, and has also been referenced in the Global Strategies for Emerging Asia. Earlier at Ericsson, he managed sales and operations of all India GSM business.

He is veteran in telecom industry . Begin IBM Asia PAC chief. He must be knowing Intense from very close quarters. This is called colored money in investment world. The money has value associated with. I hope this is long term money too. This comes with lot of faith in company solutions and promoters proof of execution. The IBM link and this developed adds to story. I hope he can help Intense in growing business in South Africa.

Stock has run up a lot and getting someone like him on board as co investor gives lots of confidence.

Disclosure:- No trade in counter since a quarter. No buying , No selling from last 30 days. I have it as core in my portfolio.


where is it mentioned that Ramesh Awtaney has bought stake/ shares in intense tech .
other names you mentioned are visible in shareholding pattern but ramesh awtaney name is not there .

Please re-read Keshav’s message carefully. Investment is by I3 Infosystem Pvt Ltd in which Ramesh Awtaney is the Promoter/ Director. It is not a direct investment by Ramesh, so not reflecting in SHP.

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got it …thanks for the info

Good Move by TRAI. Excellent opportunity for Intense.They should not miss this bus. They are leaders with 2 big operators doing on boarding with them. Other operator should also come to Intense. 700 million mobile connections and all has to go thru e-KYC. Huge market.


Gartner has positioned Intense as a Niche player in their magic quadrant for Customer Communication Management.


I am more excited about management confidence on Universe NXT. Can NXT become Horizontal product across Industries? …it can be huge opportunity then.

Is the current rise due to recognition from the markets or operator driven?

After declaring very good Q3, the stock has been seeing back to back LCs…my sense is this is due to cooling off - it had risen to much then what it should have…looking for thoughts from senior members…

Dear Bhavesh,
What does this Gartner recognition mean to a normal person? Is it that the product has higher quality or superior acceptance?
How exactly will this benefit the company?
Thanks in advance.

Hello Prasad,

A Gartner Magic Quadrant is a culmination of research in a specific market, giving you a wide-angle view of the relative positions of the market’s competitors. By applying a graphical treatment and a uniform set of evaluation criteria, a Magic Quadrant helps you quickly ascertain how well technology providers are executing their stated visions and how well they are performing against Gartner’s market view.

Their magic quadrant has 4 types of providers :

Leaders execute well against their current vision and are well positioned for tomorrow.

Visionaries understand where the market is going or have a vision for changing market rules, but do not yet execute well.

Niche Players focus successfully on a small segment, or are unfocused and do not out-innovate or outperform others.

Challengers execute well today or may dominate a large segment, but do not demonstrate an understanding of market direction.

Trust this helps.


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