ICICI Securities Negative Cash Flow: What Constitute Loan Advances

Hi, I was looking through cash flow analysis from the screener.in for ICICI securities. I could find that for the latest FY, the operating cash flow is -1610. The prime dragger was Loan Advances which amounted to -2330.

What expenses come under “Loan Advances” in the context of ICICI Sec or any stockbroker for that matter?


Please do not open a new thread for such things. There is already a thread for ICICI Securities as also for basic questions, which is given below for your information:

More importantly, before posting questions one should do some basic research oneself. In the present case, the answer is there in the Annual Report. Cash Flow Statement is the difference between two successive Balance Sheets. So please check the Balance Sheet and the associated Schedules and you will get the answer.

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