How do I research BSE and NSE SME stocks?

I bought my first SME stock. I am sitting at 25% gain in few days. :smile:
It is Yug Decor.

In general, we used to look for stocks ideas at known locations - News, Screeners, 52 Weeks High/low, etc.
But in case of SME stocks these are not useful. Generally no data is available there. This blinds us.

SME stocks listed on BSE and NSE are mostly new. You can use Prospectus to read about the company and its financials. I also Googled for the company information. Company website also gives lots of idea.

I also found that if you buy after 1-2 months of listing of SME stocks then security is high. See if price is stable over time then check about its fundamental from prospectus. Recent performance and past performance could be seen there. I got the data for Yug Decor from there. Also, if you check when it is fresh then all data in prospectus are useful and it is like updated data.

I am fresh in SME stock world. So, take your own precaution. SME world is riskier than biggies. I shared my own two cents with you.