Hiring l Young CA/CS l Bangalore

Dear Community,

After several years at large institutions (World Bank, WestBridge and GIC), I am now looking to start out my own Fund. Here is my LinkedIn : https://bit.ly/3oNPYDY and some ET article which covered me: Buoyed by bulls, Singapore's GIC plans to float a $3 billion India-focused public market fund - The Economic Times .

I am looking to hire a young qualified CA who has an interest in equity investing. The job will be based in Bangalore. Given the stage of the Fund, candidates can expect to work closely with the Founders in building a critical insight alongside our unique point of view on businesses and valuations. Depending upon the candidates appetite work can range between desk research, administrative, coordinating with companies and scuttlebutt market visits.

Interested candidates please send in your resume to i [dot] aditya [dot] agarwal [at] gmail [dot] com


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Are u accepting candidates who have completed ACCA, a CA degree from UK also or only looking for ICAI qualified India CAs

Hi Vishal, We would look at suitable candidates who have ACCA accreditation as well.

It would be preferable to have candidates from CS or CA background
Regards Aditya

Hi Aditya,

I shared your post with my peers here at ISB (Indian School of Business). Some wanted to know if you’d be open to considering non CA candidates with a fin background?


Hi Ravi (@luckbychance),

I guess we need some financial degree. CA is not compulsory, I mentioned it as a reasonable filter. If there is a good candidate with some financial background, we will definitely consider.