Green Hydrogen- The ultimate Green Fuel- Indian companies that are leading the Green revolution in India!

A good read about Adani Green.

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Recently came across a good discussion on Green Hydrogen on CNBC. This sector definitely has tailwinds and the economics are becoming more viable.


Not sure Green Hydrogen can ever be exported so all the talk about export boom is incorrect.

The answer to your question could be both Yes and No.

Yes because for producing Green hydrogen you need Renewable sources of energy Solar, Wind Hydro and open land mass for putting up solar and wind plant.
India has the unique advantage of (1) vast land mass of 33 million sq kms that is 3 times more than the entire European union (2) 300 Sunny days in a year and with great wind potential due to its unique climate - again it is among very few countries with maximum sunny days/ wind potential through out the year.

For example, Entire Europe has extended winter and there is hardly and sunny days and Japan hardly has any land mass to put up wind and solar plant… So these countries are definitely looking for importing Green hydrogen from India, given the seriousness of these countries to go green.

As of today, already India is the 5th largest producer of Solar energy and 4th largest producer of Wind energy in the world. (Source Ministry of renewable energy - link given below which gives statistics).

And if the Govt is fast and continue to push for Renewables and hydrogen and create a proper eco-system for production and export, it could materialize.or else we may fail.

The link below gives both solar and wind potential in India