GIC Housing Finance Ltd

Can anyone provided this Angel broking report on GIC HF ?

Seems a good buy due to low mktcap vs huge opp size & govt incentives and tailwinds for the HFC sector.

Discl- Invested since March April 17.

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gic.pdf (296.9 KB)

You can go thru this report by edelweiss. The report is available freely over the net.
Invested since lower levels.

GIC Housing finance - link in pdf from Diwali pick- by angel broking.

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Link from

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Recently gic housing finance had some investor’s meet with some institutions. I am trying to look into the outcomes of various investors meet of GIC Housing finance but could not find much information.

Can someone please share with me some inputs for better understanding about the outcomes. Thanks in advance

Q2 GNPA now above3%.
Worst asset quality and slowest growth among all the housing finance companies.
Trades at 3x current P/B which is not cheap by any means for such numbers.


FY18 highlights
Disbursements grew 31%
Op leverage at play with staff and other expenses growing in low teens
PAT grew 24%
LAP grew slower than housing portfolio and is still a very small % of the pie
GNPA down to 2.34% as compared to Q3 GNPA of 3%+
Stock at 13 times FY18 earnings and 2.2 times FY18 book.

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Can Someone give detail about Q1 result?

Q1 result is not published as of yet. It was to be published on 2nd August 2018 but it was postponed due to IND-AS migration as permissible by SEBI.

Discl. Holding from lower level.

I see a lot of fluctuations in NIM from quarter to quarter in Edelwess report.
In AR of FY 18 NIM for FY 17 & FY 18 are 2.86 and 3.15 respectively. Spread for GIHF is very low at 1.39 & 1.46 only.
This edelwiess report of Aug 17 is claiming NIM at 4.4% in Q1FY18.
Where Edelwiess is getting its data from?? there is lot of difference between 3.15% and 4.4% of NIM

Q1FY19 EPS at 9.18 vs 8.58 YOY
Awaiting details on NPA, NIM and Spreads…

What’s the view on this now? Seems quite attractive at these levels.