Genesys International

Genesys International

Company is pioneer in LiDAR services, Genesys offers a unique advanced Mobile Mapping system combined with high-resolution 360-Degree Panoramic Imageries*

Genesys can meet the accuracy standards required for creating maps, applications and solutions for a host of industries like Mining, Utilities and Urban Planning.

Genesys is a pioneer in providing Mobile Mapping Surveys in India and has the country’s largest fleet of mobile mapping units including a sizeable number of High Definition (LiDAR) scanning systems comprising Terrestrial, Backpack, Mobile and Aerial LiDAR scanners. We have developed a partnership with leading flying operators for airborne LiDAR surveys using fixed-wing / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles /helicopters.


  • Topographical Maps
  • 3D Building Model
  • 3D Flythrough
  • 3D City Maps

How LiDAR works?

  • Active Remote Sensing Technique
  • Collects Dense and Accurate Elevation Values
  • Uses Light Pulses (Laser Beams) instead of Radio Waves


  • Laser scanners measure 3D points on the surface of the earth
  • A platform (tripod or vehicle mount) with a laser ranging system is moved around the relevant area
  • Lasers utilized emit millions of pulses per second
  • The travel time of these pulses is timed and recorded
  • The X, Y, and Z measurements are displayed as a "point cloud“
  • Precise elevations are derived from the point cloud data
  • Can be viewed, measured and navigated as a 3D model
  • Provides incredible insight into the project site
  • In the case of terrestrial acquisition, the LiDAR system is typically mounted on a tripod or stationary device. At narrow/difficult places the system is carried on a backpack.
  • For mobile acquisition, the LiDAR system is mounted on a moving vehicle.
  • Airborne LiDAR system is installed in either a fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter. The laser light is emitted toward the ground and returned to the moving airborne LiDAR sensor.

Key Achievements

  • More than 75,000 linear km of road mapping in India
  • More than 3000 km of railroad corridor mapping
  • Over 250,000 linear km, spanning 65 major cities across India, of street-level 360-degree panoramic imagery data acquisition

Recent update:

Progess on Digital Twin & the capabilities of the co:

The company which has launched its Genesys Constellation comprising of State-of-the-art sensors, has collected 3D Digital Twin content in several cities of India as well as more than 3000 cities and towns of immersive level 360-degree panoramic street imagery.

It has built the largest manned aircraft capacity in India along with sensor capacity across bands – Aerial LiDAR, Optical nadir, oblique and Terrestrial panoramic imaging etc. These herald the coming of age of the Indian geospatial industry post the release of new geospatial policy.

The below was shown at the recently held GeoSmart conference wherein what is to be noted is the high level of technical capability shown by an Indian company reflecting the self-reliance ethos of the geospatial policy.

Nitin Gadkari virtually unveiled the ‘Digital Twin Strategy for Indian Infrastructure’ report at GeoSmart Infrastructure 2023 event.

The unveiling took place in the presence of esteemed dignitaries including Anurag Jain, Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways; Sumita Dawra, Special Secretary – Logistics; Kaushik Chakraborty, Vice President – Asia Pacific at Bentley; Sajid Malik, Founder and CEO of Genesys International; Agendra Kumar, Managing Director of Esri India; and Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Geospatial World.



But below are my observations from SHP

  1. GI Engineering is held but the new promoter
    Which I believe might be from spin off or de merger sort earlier (assumption)

  2. GI engineering have sudden bump in income, soon After Malabar entered .

  3. G G engineering is another company somewhere linked between all these (could not understand the connection, some shareholders are linked)

—— The Co has tie up with Google and the new Google Map 3D usage will bump up the revenues

Also, searched at BardAI —- infra project , Tata other 2-3 big names are clients .

Do they have some patents , some rights or some niche ???


The LiDAR technology of Genesys will help Rail Safety.

Major reason for derailments was due o maintenance of tracks, 1.5 lac railway workers do manual track checking and now it can be LIDAR Driven.

As per available information on media Company has done 3000 km of rail corridor mapping.

Huge business opportunities for balance railway track mapping.