Gandhi Special Tubes (GandhiTube)

Gandhi Special Tubes Q1 Result

EV will disrupt what they do …

The company has continued to post good results whilst Sales growth has remained sluggish. Recent performance seems to have elicited a lot of investor interest.

• Operating Margin has been > 40% for the last 3 quarters
• Weekly traded volume is 20x 6mo avg and delivery volume is 8x 6mo avg.
• 50% increase in On Balance Volume since April 2021

Sales growth continues to be sluggish

Promoters continue to buyback shares regularly. Stock still looks cheap.

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Is there a terminal value risk to this business?

Does anyone have a connect with the management of this company?
Numbers look really interesting, but growth has been a challenge as I see. 1H is encouraging.

Any inputs would be helpful from someone who has looked at it recently