Gandhi Special Tubes (GandhiTube)

Gandhi Special Tubes Q1 Result

EV will disrupt what they do …

The company has continued to post good results whilst Sales growth has remained sluggish. Recent performance seems to have elicited a lot of investor interest.

• Operating Margin has been > 40% for the last 3 quarters
• Weekly traded volume is 20x 6mo avg and delivery volume is 8x 6mo avg.
• 50% increase in On Balance Volume since April 2021

Sales growth continues to be sluggish

Promoters continue to buyback shares regularly. Stock still looks cheap.

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Is there a terminal value risk to this business?

Does anyone have a connect with the management of this company?
Numbers look really interesting, but growth has been a challenge as I see. 1H is encouraging.

Any inputs would be helpful from someone who has looked at it recently

Hi, are you still following up with management for updates? Can you share your takeaways from the last 1-2 years? What’s changed? Also, Germany is investing billions into their automobile industry (to cut out Chinese exports), Are any hints of it being a strong export market?