Financial freedom

When do you truly achieve financial freedom? In my opinion 100x expenses=financial freedom.
If one’s expenses are 1cr. Then 100cr=financial freedom. But a person with a 100cr can just use 10cr to buy 10cr worth of rental re and assuming they get around 8-10% a year in rental, they are financially free. In that case 10x annual expenses= financial freedom.
If someone has annual expenses of 1 lakh p.a then in that case 100x=1cr. There is no way 10lakhs/10x expenses would help him achieve that goal while safeguarding against inflation.
Coming back to 100x annual expenses, this is because a simple 1% div yield would in itself cover annual expenses, that basically means that the money can continue to grow and compound albeit at a lower rate.
Question is, is it possible for someone to come out with a no frills stock portfolio that would compound at 15% to achieve this goal. The issue is this, MFs charge a hefty fee. If an investor can save on those fees she/he can achieve financial freedom much faster.
A no frills coffee can/passive stock portfolio that would give returns of 15% year. If large cap MFs can deliver 12-14% net of fees then there must be a way for retail investors to deliver atleast 15% right? do correct me if I’m wrong here!
Let us assume that the retail investor has average knowledge about investing.

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