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Equity Advisory Services in India

I am subscriber to his advisory from last 3 years. He follows a very discipline approach and does not shy away from accepting any mistake, in case he commits. What I like about him is his clarity of thoughts and his quarterly commentary on his stocks. Overall , i am satisfied. Don’t expect over night returns and also you need to be very patient with him as it takes almost 3-5 years to mimic his model portfolio

How is Value Research advisory?

It seems to publish a few articles freely afterward it gives recomendation.


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Most of the returns from PMS scheme are hypothetical . As lot of shares may be illiquid with no efficient Market to Market price benchmarks


Anybody investing using smallcase?
how is it ?

Anyone that is subscribed to pms of 2point2 would you be so kind to confirm what the return for Q2 has been ?
I will be very appreciative

this is mostly a thread on equity advisory

one shouldnot mixed it up with PMS
thread on pms


Poor Performance for last three years. Stocks selection is so poor.

where? smallcase or pms

I had subsribed to PE and SA. PE give many reco. With bed promoter quality, that i realised now. SA give reco. Which are down. But PE no hope of recovery.


PE and SA refers to which advisory

Prudent equity and stock axis.

I am also member of prudent equity for 3 yesrs
80 percent of his stocks are down 80 percent and some are down more than 95 percent also.

I heard stock axis is doing far better compared to prudent.

Even now you visit prudent site it’s full of multibaggers he recommended, even if his paid members are in big loss.


Recently subscribed to @basumallick who is a well known figure in this forum. So far like the way he thinks and construct portfolio. Cost is less so one can subscribe and read his commentaries.

Disclosure: I have no personal/direct/indirect interest in promoting him


please dont discuss PMS here

None of the Equity Advisory Services are worthy. Mostly they are recommending small and mid caps and in bear markets, they are at high risk even to 90%. wiping all our savings. In addition to high subscription fees and capital loss, they are not worth and blindly to be followed. Better to work on a stock suggested by a genuine member of money control and if invested in SIP would be safe.

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It is unjustified to paint all advisers or investment houses with one large brush of negativity owing to the problems that yours or your friend’s portfolio might be facing because of bad selection of adviser or manager.

One has to understand the cyclicality is the basic nature of equity markets as prices of stocks are governed by sentiments as much as fundamentals. Small and mid caps indices over the long term have always equalled the returns of large caps or blue chips and many studies show that they have even beaten the large cap indices in terms of returns. However, if one is adept at finding good small and midcaps amongst the many - then a few bets gone right can create a life time of wealth. The game of investing in small and midcaps in never such that no stock will ever force you to book a loss. The game of investing in small and midcaps is also not about witnessing lower volatility in your portfolio that large caps and blue chips offer. The game of investing in small and midcaps is that you should be able to find some big multi-baggers which will more then compensate you for the few bets gone wrong on the portfolio basis. I believe that if one is able to give the responsibility to a competent and high integrity manager/adviser focusing on small and midcaps - one can expect 5 to 10 times (or maybe even more) the original amount over the next 10 years - this kind of wealth creation opportunity hardly exists in any other space except maybe betting in casinos.

Having said that, it is true that there are many crooks and/or incompetent people hoping to make quick bucks in the stock markets. Many of such people also prey on the gullible investors who are atleast partially guilty of wanting to make high returns without having the knowledge of or wanting to make the efforts for finding the right manager/adviser for their money. That will entail a check on their credentials / pedigree / track record / stock selection etc.

And I am not saying this without facts, I do know firsthand some people including ourselves who have easily created an alpha of double digits % in this fall since 2018 vis-a-vis BSE Mid/Small cap indices. In such cases, while notional paper losses have been in the range of 10-15% at the portfolio level the presence of cash plus the fact that the stocks in the portfolio are extremely cheap - creates a huge possibility of great returns going forward as sentiments & macro improves. And I think right now, if anything is great time to invest in Small and Mid cap indices irrespective of the chance that the porfolio can further go down. One can never catch the bottom of any cycle - one must also have the courage to act when opportunities present themselves like the present bear cycle.

But yeah, the first step is to find the right person to manage the money or if one is doing it yourself, find the right stocks to invest one’s money in. And it would not be advisable right now to exclusively focus on large caps or shelter your portfolio completely in the safety of blue chips. After all, if one cant withstand the high volatility that equity markets sometimes present, then one doesn’t deserve the out-sized returns and wealth creation that equity markets and particularly the small and midcaps present to you over the long term.


I am saying just not to trust any advisory blindly and by the way I am utilizing a reputed advisory but in this carnage market has not spared them as well. I don’t want to disclose their name here. I am not pessimistic,but learned a lesson that holding a stock after 50% upside in anticipation of multi-baggers was a mistake in this time of uncertainties when the same dived to all time lows. Definitely small and mid caps returns are unmatched but with high risk.

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I was impressed by the performance of the recommendations provided in the prudent equity home page and enquired more on it from its subscribers.

It seems they have only published the performance of the stocks which have done well during 2013-2017 bull run.
Lot of stocks they have recommended are down more than 60% and there has been complete loss of capital in some of them but the advisory is not publishing it in the home page fearing loss of business.

This is how advisories attract gullible investors and an advisory’s track record has to be measured at-least over one bull and bear cycle.


Anybody ever used dynamic levels

Please give review

Awesome @abhijain. I agree to it

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