Equity Advisory Services in India

I know about him, but did not know this. So, it was called The Equity Desk.

Thank you.

I have been a subscriber Equity master for over a decade. I paid them about Rs 10-15000 for life long advisory.

They are absolutely useless. I lost Lacks of my hard earned money following some of their highly recommended stocks like optocircuits and Zylog systems etc.

Though I still get their recommendations- I immediately delete their mails- not worth even five minutes needed to read their mail.


Yes, TED=The Equity Desk

Sorry TED is active now, I just googled it

It is better to develop our own unique philosophy for investing.

I started just 2 years back. Subscribed to Paul asset and lost around 100000 due to his recommendations. Although some of it is an unrealized loss,but I am not hopeful of recovering it as some recommendations are -70% loss. I incurred this loss before the recent Carnage and still holding some of them

My portfolio contained stocks like HUL, Britannia1.5 years ago. When I asked him for portfolio review at some time, advisor recommended to exit these stocks since they generate 12% returns and shift to his recommendations for better returns minimum of 18-20%.

HUL and Britannia were up at least 60-70% and advisor recommendations tumbled.

Mean while I invested in some stocks like Chaman lal setia and HDFC AMC based on fundamentals and reading some threads here. I lost close to 48% and 42% in this crash. That is normal and they may return back.

In conclusion, most of the stock advisers are not good. Investing is difficult. We need to learn stock screening, stock valuation, behavioral finance etc to succeed in investing.

I also found that for small portfolio values of less than 5 lakh, it is not worth to devote full time for investment learning and implementation. It is worth for long range and big portfolios in my view.

I have enough passion to learn all these for long term.


Good to know that you are passionate to learn … In last 15 years of investing I have made many mistakes and learn it hard way … Hope you don’t make those mistakes … some of my stupid actions I have outlined in BULL in BEAR Market and now how I work on my portfolio I have mentioned in Portfolio Analysis - Shailesh .

Happy Learning

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Yes, the site is active, although I did not check for a forum.

I was going through Katalyst website, and I found what seems like an (intentional?) error.
They have two pages on their site to showcase their historical returns, ‘Investment Reports Snapshot’ & ‘Special Situation Snapshot’.
Special Situations is all about de-mergers, buybacks, etc (with just one exception, as you will see), and Investment Reports are normal buy calls. In Investment Reports, most stocks are multi-baggers, and none is down by more than 37%.
However, on the other page, they have cleverly listed Suzlon Energy (tagging it as a ‘Turnaround’), which is down over 65% from their buy price! Now I am wondering how is a ‘Turnaround’ a Special Situation!

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Here’s the link from Katalyst website.

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They are not just good…I was subscriber…not renewed…not interested see any time in future…

I sincere advise…dont subscribe…what ever they show you can see it popular sites like money control…no proper buy analysis…they dont specify which is good buy rangae…they dont specify why that is to sell at which price…

i had stalwartAdvisory they are definitely conservative but they are not able to pick wealth creation stocks. I was not able to make money with them in year 2017 what will you tell about other years.


Well i do agree 2018 is far more worse ofcourse that’s applicable to all but here in stalwart advisory many of them are down by 25% + .

alternatively we should have patience but at the same time many of the advisory firms these days showcase only their stocks which have worked a lot and attract people.

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That is good no? @ruffles that shows how risk averse the approach is. I was selling in 2016 and 2017, valuations were too high…

Has anyone tried value research’s advisory services? It is new but they claim that they have 25 years of experience to back up their research.

Also I’ve read somewhere that people at valueresearch themselves have invested in the stock that they have recommended.

Anyone who tried them?

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i advise dont try that at because they keep recommending two stocks every month and they dont have any price range and it’ll be in buy list for ever. Most of their stocks picked are overvalued . I just dont understand whats their thought process so far.

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They wrote this on their website

“Immediately get 32 recommended stocks. These are the perfect starting points for all investors. In addition, you get new recommendations every month, along with continuous tracking and updates on all of them”

So I’m guessing they would let the investors know when to exit.


Yes , thats correct they will let you know when to exit but if you pay premium price then imagine the damage.

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I was looking at an advisory called Paulasset in 2017 and was impressed by their philosophy and returns from the period of 2013
The founder also had a written a book for Indian investors and it was decent for any beginner with set of sound principles(eventhough some part of it looked like rehash of the famous investor books)
They were transparently publishing the performance of their stocks (even the ones with loss of more than 50%) and it displayed integrity.
But later i found most of their reco stocks in 2017 and 2018 had tanked more than 50% and their ideas were far from the sound principles he had mentioned in his own book.
I could not find their stock performance dash board any more in their website.
It shows that you should go with an advisory based on their integrity and performance during the times of depressed market behaviour rather than everything is clear blue sky.

Now i am looking at advisories who has displayed good temperament in this crash.


I think the best thing to do while investing the stock market is to not completely rely on any advisor especially during liquidity bull run.

It is in the best interest of any advisor to be long on stocks. How many advisors advice their investors to short stocks or short derivative products?

Ultimately we have to be cautious and understand which part of business cycle we are in and invest only when valuation are attractive.

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That’s the whole crux of the matter - “invest only when valuations are attractive”. 2008-2013 was the time. But fear paralyzes you…What if what I buy falls further? What if I buy the wrong cheap stocks - IVRCL, JP Assoc, DLF, BHEL?
This is the time to slowly exit/reduce most profitable positions when market PE is at peak and rallies provide you the opportunities. I take only small trading positions on weakness and exit them on rallies which won’t hurt me if I err. Core quality positions are built at the depth of or in a consolidating bear market. But who wants to wait?

Disc: Not an investment advisor. May have vested interests. I may be entirely wrong in my thesis.

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