Buyback of shares - alerts

How can I get alerts on all the buyback announcements?

After your post, I thought this would be a useful feature and have added this into my website

In your profile settings on the site, look for the section “Keyword Alerts”. You can key-in the words that you want to watch out for, like buyback, dividend, bonus, rights, insider trading etc, and you should be alerted whenever there is a BSE corp announcement for any stock, containing one of your keywords.

You can also get ALL alerts (announcements only) for a particular stock or an entire portfolio once you hit “follow”.


Anand, I had a quick glance at your website. It looks good and allows you to quickly browse through multiple financial websites and specific sections in these websites. Then you can browse through portfolios of ‘esteemed’ investors. Could you please share some pointers on how could we use your website more effectively. Thanks

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Thanks for checking out.
I’ve posted my response in another topic - Showcase your portfolios!

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