BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)- Bet on Financialization?

The article has some hard hitting numbers for BSE.

The results are not encouraging.

  1. BSE is still losing marketshare in equity segment post fair price execution. Mr.Ashish Chauhan accused NSE of foul play. Now that he is chair at NSE, will he want to play fair?

  2. Why is the MD and CEO post vacant at BSE. Also, there is nobody in discussion to lead BSE as a rightful successor to fill Mr Chauhan’s shoes.

  3. No details on HPX results which as per news is taking a big bite out of IEX.

  4. BSE Ebix insurance is going nowhere. With EBIX governance issues, it is time to either takeover or divest in this business.

The next BSE concall should be interesting.