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This is unverified info that I picked up from a employee in a local train in Mumbai. The Company is expanding their injectables capacity at their plant in Palghar. Africa continues to be their key market with Nigeria and Ghana being the larger ones. “Today” contraceptive - although their more popular product is not their best selling one. The top selling products are the anti malarial drugs and suppositories.

Could not get more info as it was a 5 minute conversation!!

Thanks Mahesh. I do own a start up position. In fact it was the very day I met the employee and hence was intrigued to know more. Though I wouldnt mind speaking to the management - I have never done so before so I dont have a clue how to go about approaching this. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I have started communication with the company. I am planning to visit India and hoping to meet the management. Snehal Dani is also interested and has agreed to help putting together questions. We can first debate about the company’s products,plans, future and balance sheet and make a list of questions, if you are a local Mumbai thats a lot convenient to visit.

Hi Pinto, I too spoke to one of the employee and its consistent with what you heard about injectibles capacity addition. I am trying to speak to the management, do you already own shares and would you be interested to talk to the management?

Have small exposure here, would really like to either remove or add here. Anyone has suggestions/views about the poor quartery resutls

Can someone throw some light on the impact of rupee weakening for Bliss. I went thru the March 13 AR. The company has close to $20 million in unhedged receivables and $10 million in hedged receivables.

While on an approximate basis, if we assume that they may make a 10 rupee avg gain on the unhedged receivables - that should be an addition of 20 crs to the bottom line. But I am not sure how the hedged portion would be play out?

Gentlemen, how serious is this news? Does it have somemateriel or is it just the propaganda? This company has done this business for a long long time, so I am nervous a little bit because Idon’tunderstand the regulations much. Does FDA regulates the African market? I know, some of you in this forum are veryknowledgeable, your insight would be greatly appreciated. I would be bothered if the company did it knowingly.


Every country has FDA or equivalent. This is FDA of Ghana.

I am curious to know why did the stock spiked up on Monday, as the news of ban was there since at least 16 sep 13:

Ah, its the local FDA, thanks. If the govt sends notices to clinics and hospitals, its a serious matter, think they would have sent notices to Bliss and could have asked for answers. On the spike up and down, may be some trader/broker played the news.

Will try to contact the company and findout the exposure to this market and their steps, they dont generally reply, but will give it a try. Have thought Kamat is a decent business man, will find out.

Spike up was due to rumor of pfizer buying bliss or its unit/s. co clarified to bse.

Bliss-GVS business has turned around in last few years, thanks to its Managed healthcare services business in Africa, Kenya in particular. Is anyone tracking this stock?

Very good result as expected. I believe the pharma comapny that have a focused on Africa and Latin america markets will be the next wealth creator from this sector.

Did anyone attend AGM? If yes, could you pls share some notes here?


Market Capitalization > 500 AND
Market Capitalization < 2000 AND
Price to Cash Flow < Price to Earning AND
Price to Cash Flow < 10 AND
Return on equity > 15%

Ran this query on and Bliss GVS name came up. Given the success of Caplin in African markets, would research this company further. Reading through old comments, looks like high receivables and some issues with authorities were the major points in this script. Cash flows from operations have improved hugely in last 2-3 years. Would research more and will try to post here in next 2-3 days. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Any further update or deep dive on bliss? Thinking to start sip in bliss…ny views would b appreciated

Joindre Capital Research Report

198.pdf (446.6 KB)

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Inverted Head & Shoulder Breakout

Bliss GVS decided to sell its fast growing and profit making subsidiary Bliss GVS Healthcare Ltd
I don’t know what is promoters’ intent behind this deal? In last AR, they were too much bullish on this subsidiary and suddenly they changed view.
Disc- not invested - watching action of promoters regarding cash deployment.

The Company has reported quarterly profits. 9 Months profit has increased from 76 crores to 101 crores. In comparison to september quarter the december quarter profits have declined.

The company is selling kenya subsidiary at valuation of 12 million dollars.

Can anyone tell what impact will sale of subsidiary have at this valuation ??

On technical front the stock has a strong probability of break out due to inverted head & shoulder breakout.

As per Annual Report Healthcare Subsidiary (which is sold) done net profit USD 300 million and growing better than parent company. Why promoters sold it at discounted rate?
Dic - Not invested

Inverted head & shoulder breakout looks imminent. A close above 210 levels with volumes will confirm the breakout.

inverted H&S makes sense at swing lows and not swing highs. Where do u see the pattern of inverted H&S?