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Good to find this share in at least someone’s portfolio :slight_smile: This stock has a lost decade or two of the Indian consumption story. Its a pity indeed
Disc: Invested in Tata Global Beverage

I am hoping for an turnaround by this company. they have exited the loss making business and hope there topline will grow in the coming qtr . Good thing is that once they start posting good result , market will be quick to re rate this stock.

Market had started to re rate it but yet again it started posting sluggish result and making vague decisions. I was shocked to see that they wanted to acquire Prabhat Dairy. Chandra saved the day when Tata Sons rejected it!

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Do you have any other industries/sector research report to understand ? This agro market PDF is too good to understand the market of agro

Started my investment journey from 2018 right from bear market,since then market was always in a downtrend and when the market started moving upward in 2020 ,corona played the spoilsport in march and put the whole economy with volatility & uncertainty.

Have not updated my portfolio since a long time but have corrected my mistake and sold few business which were bad. Also sold few stock in the beginning of the market meltdown. Now i am holding 50% cash and waiting from the sideline.

Exited from sintex plastic, multibase, Care rating by booking loss and sold tata global , HDFC AMC , Bajaj finance with good profit in the beginning of market meltdown .

Below are the business i am tracking actively and have invested in few and will be investing in others after a while.

  1. HDFC BANK --Added more at 780 level , will add more at p/b 2.5

  2. Equitas – Due to covid sfb will suffer a lot & so just tracking it

  3. Bajaj finance - Sold it at 100% gain and will buy it later

  4. HDFC AMC - sold it and waiting for a good correction to enter again.

  5. HDFC Life : Have a little position and looking to add more on a correction

  6. ITC – Added more as its a great business available at a very attractive valuation.

  7. CCL - Already have this portfolio and will be adding more

  8. Marico - A good business , growth was down before corona (watchlist)

  9. United Spirit- Tracking closely ,valuation is high (watchlist)

  10. Asian paint : Have this stock from the beginning and will add in correction

  11. PI Industry : i am bulish for chemical industry and PI is the best to bet

  12. Transpek Industry :Added it in portfolio, du point contract is a game changer.

  13. Bharat rasayan : Tracking it closely (watchlist)

  14. Alembic Pharma : Have a tracking position (looking to add more in correction)

  15. Hikal :Already have this in portfolio .(missed to add at 63 level)

  16. Mirza International : Have it in portfolio. last qtr result was good.

  17. Ashok Leyland :Have in portfolio.Will add more as available at very cheap price

  18. Nesco – Impacted due to corona. Good business and have it in portfolio.

  19. HCL technology : will be buying in correction

  20. FSL : Have this in portfolio. Tracking position

Apart from these stock also tracking IEX,Inox , PVR , CDSL, Titan .Page industry, Bajaj auto & kovai.

Requesting all to comment on the above stock and Pls let me know if this looks like decent Portfolio. Will distribute 50% money to large cap and rest into small and mid cap.Will not allocate more than 25% to any specific sector and maximum 10% allocation to a specific stock.

Thanks :grinning:


@hitesh2710 sir Can you please comment on the above stock . Will be grateful to know your views :slight_smile:


From among the list you have put up, I like stocks like asian paints, pi inds, transpek, bharat rasayan, alembic, nesco . I have put my views on financials elsewhere. Sectors which have gone out of favour recently may not be the place to be or atleast not immediately.

Companies like ITC, CCL, Marico etc have come down to attractive levels but the growth prospects in the near term are also in question. .


Updating my current portfolio almost after 2 year. Made few changes & made my portfolio more concentrated.Allocated more towards defensive stock in the last 1 year after the sharp bull run since march low 2020.

This portfolio did much better compared to the index in this fall.
Currently holding 12 stock but ready to add few more stock based on valuation comfort. Hopefully market will give ample opportunity to buy good business at reasonable price in next few month. As my portfolio is largely consist of large cap lately , looking forward to allocate more towards small and mid cap now.

Looking for Everyone’s comment on the above portfolio.
@hitesh2710 sir, your views on the above stock ?




Looking at the current market scenario, you seem to have a good defensive portfolio. HDFC group has underperformed big time in recent times and how long this underperformance lasts needs to be seen.

Good to see someone having the courage to allocate big chunk of portfolio to ITC. It seems to be headed for outperformance mainly due to steady performance and underownership.

You can look at good companies from defence, capex theme and power sectors which are likely to see increased demand going ahead.


Thank you so much sir for your valuable comment. Will definitely try to look out the sector which you mentioned.