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Associated alcholols & breweries ltd

Now the company has a fully functional website which give details about the licensed brands own brands bottling Etc
It looks interesting and useful and clears all the doubts regarding product profile


On 13/1/2016 the company has announced that it will consider bonus issue on 22/1/2016 subject to share holder approval also Care has now upgraded the credit rating one notch up and it is interesting to note they have considered the the financials of Mount Everest breweries ltd but still the as of now the negative side is getting cleared one by one still remaining is the employee cost

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Declared bonus at 1:1 ratio. Process will be completed by 22-03-2016.
Disc : Invested…

Isn’t it the increase of 6 Cr. rupees salary to the related parties for a company making 12 Cr profit too much?

No mention of the name of candidates receiving this much salary.


yeah indeed…to bad

According to AR2015 Mr. Ashish Gadia, Whole Time Director had remuneration of 3.57lakh which is 12% more than the previous year. However, according to AR2014, his monthly basic pay itself was 50k, ie yearly 6 lakh. Numbers do not add up.

Hello all,

Can someone tell me regarding integrity of promoter, he take salary is very high


Seems good results announced recently. The co has been good wealth creator. Not much activity on the thread. Views invited

From FY16 Annual Report, maintaining same salary

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@ayushmit , as per companies act salary of top management cant exceed 10% of Net profits and one individual cant exceed 5% of net profits but in this case company is paying 6+ cr as salry to prasann kumar kedia which clearly is not in line with act ,

Moreover dont you think 6cr indirect payout to promoter in the form of salary rather than in the form of dividends to all shareholders is against all minority share holders?

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Came out with very bad q2 results. Big concern is that the topline has been muted for last 2 years, does not look like its changing this year too.

disc: invested at lower levels.

The september quarter sales and profit are always lower in all the previous years

Yup…time to buy good stock of liquor or a good liquor stock as per personal preferences …hehe

Results announced.

Sales increased to 85.17 crores with 12.7 % QoQ

PAT at 4.9 crores.

Interest reduced to 0.93 crores

EPS of 2.72

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company posted its first presentation -

What do investors think about this stock now, post the ban on liquor shops in MP? Could it be possible that the next target is manufacturers themselves? This being an Indore-based company, I am wondering if the trouble is just starting here.

Emailed the company to know about the ban and its impact on Associated Alcohols few days back. No response received yet. Also tried calling CS. Call not attended. If anyone is in Indore, or has spoken with CS, please post the developments.

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Salary to the related parties increased to 7.5Cr

2017 AR is a good read -

The company is more than doubling its distillery capacity from 3 to 7 cr litres per annum. But that will be fully on stream in 2020-2021. Looks like sales will be muted till then as seen from 2015 - 2017.
Views are welcome.

Disc: Exited last year. Thinking of re-entering but concerned that the stock may not do much until new capacity is up and running.