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Any views on Aurionpro solutions

Aurionpro solution cmp 179 at current level it may be an bargain buy according to technical . It may test 145 worst case scenario for the tgt of 370 and will confirm break out above 390 for tgt of 500.

I want to know whether this company worth 370 or 500 is its business so lucrative ?? at current levels

disclosure :- this is not reco buy or sell , .Please do your own due diligence before taking a call

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ajit nayak

please post these kind of queries on techno funda section rather than untested but worth a look thread.

pl go thru the FAQ/Guidelines before posting

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techno funda link not available

ajit, u can put in charts if u have any or put in more details bcos if lots of such 4-5 liners threads are started without proper logic (u just mentioned levels arbitrarily without justifying why these levels are important), then the forum will be cluttered with a lot of these kinds of threads where no one will gain anything.

U can search techno funda bets. nooresh has started one such thread and u can continue in it.

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here is the link to nooresh’s thread.

Aurionpro solution