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Refining & petrochemicals sector to attract $30 billion in investments over next 8 years: Rajesh Kamath, CEO & MD Thyssenkrupp, Auto News, ET Auto (

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Nice summary thread on this business.


Posting India’s quarterly LPG import numbers from now on, instead of monthly. The idea is to look at the broader trend and match the narrative of increasing LPG imports with the actual numbers.

Apr-Jun '22 (MT) Apr-Jun '21 (MT) YOY change
4246 3495 21.4%

The source of the 2022 data is here and the historical data is here

The above numbers are not exactly comparable as Apr-Jun 2021 was the peak of Covid 2nd wave in India and the growth numbers may look inflated. However, even if we look at 2019 or 2020 numbers, there has been a growth in LPG imports. The “Apr - Jun '19” imports were 3258 MT and the “Apr - Jun '20” imports were 4063 MT.