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Here transcript of Ajay Srivastava , Dimension consulting on ET - I personally follow his interviews and set his name on Google alerts -

Would that mean that you would say yes to a Yes Bank at these levels?

I already hold it. So I have already said yes to it. It is a great franchise. It will be sold and eventually it will be merged and even if you get a decent two time, two and a half times book value, you would have made a decent pile of money.

I think you are in the game in there. It is a good bank. It has got result. Nobody said results were wrong. It has got its own set of issues which they will sort out and eventually it is a clear case of merger. It will get merged somewhere. It is just a matter of time. You punt on it and live with it.
We hold it and we believe it is going to be a good buy because nobody is saying that the bank is a sham at the end of it.

Are you buying Yes Bank at Rs 168? You hold Yes Bank but I would imagine that your purchase price was much higher.

We have been purchasing for a long time. I do not know whether this week my people have bought or not. But if it gets any lower, if we are about Rs 150 or so, would you buy add your position? My answer is yes unless there is a catastrophic event. Again it is not answer that in case of the worst case scenario like a big fraud in the bank, would we buy it? Answer in that case is perhaps no.

I keep guarding myself in saying that because a long time back there was this one bank. The press conference was going on and somebody was on the stage and I would have bought this bank at any point of time. But by the time the conference ended, the stock was zero. So, I am not sure. I think Yes Bank is a reasonable buy at this price unless a frightful surprise comes out.

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I am not very knowledgeable but yes bank story and banks reasons seems unjust, to a layman like me. It all started with a ruling that said Mr Ranas tenure cannot be extended. I wonder why they could not find a successor all these years ? Is it so talent starved bank that they cannot have legally acceptable and all compliant CEO ? It is a genuine issue which need to be addressed. It is not a political party which need to be run by a family member only.

Also, if despite so much of mayhem if they still stick to their gun and continue to ask extension for Mr Rana then there certainly is something suspicious in their books which need to be managed or hidden.

I may be completely wrong and YES BANK may become number one market cap company far exceeding that of Kotak, but their actions are certainly raising doubts.

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It would help if all the boarders here try to discuss Yes Bank merits/demerits with all details and arguments in single post. Rather than keep posting 1-2-3 liners and arguing endlessly with other boarders.

This kind of littering of the thread with unneccessary posts makes life difficult for moderators and also destroys value in the thread. So make sure to post only if it adds value to the thread.

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Read in some magazine shri rana borrowed 1200 cr from nbfc’s and hfc’s and invested that amount in real estate and stocks. He has bought some properties from yes bank. it seems these properties were mortgaged with bank by clients whose accounts were classified as npa’s. Not sure. Also one of the borrowers have written to PMO that he was forced to sell his property in lutyens delhi to talwar. The enquiry is on and RBI is investigating other such issues at yes bank.
This was in corporate india magazine. Dont know how true is this.

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Can someone share summary of the article. It requires subscription to read.

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They came up with a new date of 9th Jan

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While blood bath, swing & volatility continues, MF houses have started accumulating shares of Yes Bank

They have sold heavily in Sep & Oct.

SBI-ETF, Franklin Equity & Reliance Arbitrage are the mazor buyers in Nov

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You are requested to provide the source of this information

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Hi… Its from

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On current valuations its a deal of approx 170 Cr

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I m nt sure if we can trust that what is shown at that url… example Suven life sciences is shown as in Nov MF’s have bought … 23 lakhs …but look at this moneycontrol page ( which says MF’s have sold suven not bought… which one to trust … hmm

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Even after 50% of fall, Yes Bank is the top held stock by value as per zerodha. Faint hearted retailers sold to strong hands ?


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Aren’t zerodha accounts mostly retailers?

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Idk about their clientele, whether they are traders/retail investors/HNIs. Will wait for the Yes Bank to analyse the change of hands.

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I couldnt find the reason mentioned in this thread so asking the question… Can anyone explain why the cash flow of yes bank has been negative in the last year?

I don’t see this in the cash flow ratios of ICICI or HDFC. Curious to know why this is specific to YES Bank only?


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What site is this pl. This is not Screener.

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I think