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Found this interesting chart in a magazine I was reading! Investors in Yes Bank experienced this ride in the last one month!

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Board turns as per wind direction!!!

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There is nothing in the article that mentions that “Yes bank has asked for extension of timeline for Rana Kapoor”
I also did not find any such notification to Stock exchanges from yes bank
Can you please verify

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Hope following helps

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Wednesday once again rejected the lender’s request for extending the term of MD & CEO Rana Kapoor, and reaffirmed the February deadline for finding his successor.

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Apologies bro…just now understood that RBI had rejected the Yes bank plea which they seeked on 25th september.i thought they had sought one more extension recently.Hence the confusion. Cheers bro @mrai74

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Results declared.

     Sustained Operating performance amidst external environmental challenges:
     NII grew 28.2% y-o-y to 2,417.6 Crores; NIMs stable at 3.3%  Operating Profit grew 24.1% y-o-y to 2,366.4 Crores; Cost to Income ratio at 39.2% flat y-o-y
     Net Profit declined 3.8% y-o-y to 964.7 Crores which includes impact of 252.2 Crores of one time
    MTM provisioning, predominantly on Corporate Bonds. After excluding investment related MTM
    provisions and Profit on Sale of investments Adjusted Net profit grew by 36.2% y-o-y
     Stable Balance sheet growth with increasing granularity:
     Advances grew by 61.2% y-o-y to 2,39,627.5 Crores with stable growth across segments  Retail Banking Advances grew 103.0% y-o-y to 14.3% of advances in comparison to 11.4% in Q2FY18  Total Deposits grew by 41.0% y-o-y to 2,22,837.9 Crores. CASA ratio at 33.8%
     CASA + Retail FDs as a % of Total Deposits stands at a healthy 57.2% vs. 56.7% sequentially
     RWA/ Total Assets improved to 81.3% from 81.6% on q-o-q basis and 84.3% on y-o-y basis
     Total CRAR at 17.0% with Tier I ratio at 11.9% and CET I at 9.0%
     Resilient Asset Quality:
     GNPA at 1.60% and NNPA at 0.84%
     Increase in GNPA from earlier disclosed provisional ratio for Q2FY19 (on October 01, 2018) due to
    classification of one account with exposure of ` 631.2 Crores as NPA based on post period end review
    process. Bank expects prepayments and consequent upgrade of this exposure in Q3FY19.
     Credit costs at 18 bps for the Quarter and 34 bps for Half Year ended September 30, 2018
     Comfortable liquidity position: Liquidity Coverage Ratio of 100.5% as on September 30, 2018 and daily
    average Liquidity Coverage ratio of 99.4% for Q2FY19

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Concern when top management continues to sell shares even @ this price

I was trying to explore if it offers a great value @ this price … but all this still does not inspire confidence … Will wait for more clarity

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Many Would have taken ESOP Funding. And due to Margin Pressure they would have sold Yes Bank Shares.

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May be … But this along with Madhu kapoor , Rana Kapoor paring their stakes - Is something brewing …

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From Where did you gather this Info

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Many Employees have also acquired Shares through ESOP during this period.

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Value research Online gives shareholding changes and insider trades … You can refer there for details