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For those who think yes bank is worth investing , would request them to look at axis bank when it first started reporting divergence like yes bank. Though both the banks may have different loan books , but experience says it gets worse before it gets better. Such instances of diving too soon will lead to opportunity costs. Just my two cents

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Yes Bank was fined Rs.6 crore by RBI for failing to promptly report a breach of ATM network. So it is not just a question of interpreting provisioning norms or whether a particular loan classified as bad became good later. The management seems prone to brush things under the carpet. Investors in such cases need to become extremely cautious, for the problem may not just be what the RBI found out, but what it didn’t. (Disclosure: No Bank!)

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Last year RBI had fined HDFC Bank for violating KYC norms.

What i mean to say is while most of us agree that Yes Bank management lead by Rana Kapoor does not rate high on “cleanliness” terms, every bank has something or other going on.

So while this sort of anecdotal evidence is good to keep in mind, we should also not lose track of the numbers in the balance sheet and PL statement.

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Here are my thoughts on current valuation.

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Amazing clarity of thoughts !!!


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This borrowing will be used for on-lending through its international branch at GIFT City, Ahmedabad.



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I wonder how they chose yes bank considering corporate governance. Bank has hidden data theft in ATM, NPA issues etc etc.

These index addition should be taken with pinch of salt.


On these topics, I would only repeat what @investr has quoted.

Now, inclusion in these indices as well as in BSE Sensex wont change fundamentals. However, it changes the perception and most importantly - with more and more money flowing into Mutual Funds, and most of the large cap Funds pegged against Nifty or Sensex, all the fund managers got to do is buy them in the weightage of Sensex or Nifty (especially for ETFs)…


Also Govt pension funds (NPS) were allowed to invest only in Nifty or Sensex stocks until 2015. EPFO still invests in ETF which mirrors Sensex or Nifty.

Then it changes the supply and demand. That is the implication. Nothing more and nothing less.

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“Et Tu” HDFC Bank… Andy Mukherjee on Bloomberg gadfly writes : on HDFC’s divergence episode…

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Probably that goes to show, the regulator has rigid rules whereas the Banks have their own way of managing their risks.

Disclosure: It is #2 holding in my portfolio and invested long time back, but getting aware of market perceptions about Yes Bank.

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No bank is saint here not even hdfc bank and i think yes bank growth is far superior at the moment and i think it is on the way to become $250 billion in 3 yrs from now

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I totally support your viewpoint. In my opinion YES bank has the best
growth rate. In other matters, all the private banks are equal gentleman or

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Insider buys by Directors.

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Yes Bank Advance Tax up 30 percent

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Does that signal anything significant to earnings?

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Most of the time it signifies better earnings.But people will be more interested in NPA numbers from YES than profit figure.

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yes bank posted good set of numbers with improvements in asset quality.

GNPA at 1.72% and NNPA at 0.93% as at December 31, 2017. (For September 30, 2017, GNPA was 1.82%
and NNPA was 1.04%)

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What is more encouraging is 47.5% increase in Advances yoy…excellent