Yes bank

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On current valuations its a deal of approx 170 Cr

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I m nt sure if we can trust that what is shown at that url… example Suven life sciences is shown as in Nov MF’s have bought … 23 lakhs …but look at this moneycontrol page ( which says MF’s have sold suven not bought… which one to trust … hmm

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Even after 50% of fall, Yes Bank is the top held stock by value as per zerodha. Faint hearted retailers sold to strong hands ?


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Aren’t zerodha accounts mostly retailers?

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Idk about their clientele, whether they are traders/retail investors/HNIs. Will wait for the Yes Bank to analyse the change of hands.

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I couldnt find the reason mentioned in this thread so asking the question… Can anyone explain why the cash flow of yes bank has been negative in the last year?

I don’t see this in the cash flow ratios of ICICI or HDFC. Curious to know why this is specific to YES Bank only?


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What site is this pl. This is not Screener.

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I think

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Amazed that they could not find any good external candidates for top post.

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Finally an internal candidate Mr Brahm Dutt for next 18 months, will be interesting to see how markets react

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As per an article in Money Control of 11.1.19, Mr Paresh Sukthankar’s name is also short listed.


Hope they would bring in a person with good experience and reputation who may not bring back the past glory but could bring the bank out of the crisis and deliver good performance.

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Paresh Sukhathankar is very well respected name in the banking circles and was expected to succeed to Aditya Puri at HDFC bank before his sudden departure. It would be big deal if he accepts to take over the job of CEO at Yes Bank. The stock may get immediately re-rated once the announcement happens.

Also Mr. Sukhatankar can join relatively quickly as he is not involved in full time job in any other bank as of now (involved in some education initiatives)

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Looks like interesting times ahead!:grinning:

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Second month in a row & looks like the correction has made YES a favourite for Kotak, SBI & Reliance