Yash Paper - Rising from ash

(Aditya) #43

Will this be enough to fulfill all the capital requirements needs?
Was this the result of pledged shares? As company was not interested in dilution for now.

(ukdube) #44

Rudra Share recommend Yash Paper as dark horse

Valuation Conclusion

According to Moody’s Investors Service, higher prices and stronger wood product, paper packaging and market pulp demand offsetting rising input costs and lower paper demand will keep the outlook for the global paper and forest products industry stable. 20% of the world’s population today consumes 87% of the printing and writing papers that are produced every year.

Moreover, the rollout of the much-awaited Goods & Services Tax, the radical step to demonetise high-value currency, the large-scale mobilisation of Ian Dhan Yojana, the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme, implementation of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, rapid progress in highways and electrification and thrust on housing are undoubtedly examples of inspired action towards progress.

Further, Company’s strong clientele, Scheduled debt repayment in the current year coupled with robust cash flow arising out of increased volumes and new project should help in strengthening Company’s gearing ratio. Further, improved performance should facilitate in further reduction in interest rates, Increased focus on cost reduction measures as well as production of value added products, it is expected that the Company shall demonstrate better bottom line performance which should facilitate in strengthening business profitability & value addition for investors going ahead.