WIPRO Buy back - A good bet for Short term

(Premkumar SJ) #21

Its not announced yet .
E-Voting happens till end of Aug .

Record Date might be in first half of Sep
Tender period might later in later sep and stretch into early Oct

might -> guess .

([email protected]) #22

Can you please let me know if I buy now am I still eligible for a buy back.

(ragav) #23

Record date is not yet announced so until then you have a chance to participate in the buyback.

(ragav) #24

Infosys is come up with a buyback for a 13000 Cr issue . Just did some back of envelope calculation and theoretical acceptance ratio is around 11 % with FV of 5 comes around 59 % which seems wipro is far more a better bet than INFY with current calculations …

With this acceptance ratio I just get near mediocre returns … which looks pathetic where’s wipro looks just better .

Disc- Have long term positions but not participating in buyback.

(ram1984) #25

stock my move on record date announcement

(Mute Spectator.) #26

Record date set at September 15 , So if i buy today will i be eligible ?

(Kamlesh Patel) #27

Yes, based on my understanding, ex-date is tomorrow so today is last day to buy Wipro shares with buyback.

(Niteshjain) #28

Today is the last day to buy WIPRO if you want to participate in the buyback

(ram1984) #29

No you may not. Its not when you buy, but whether you hold stock in your demat as on the record date. Since a trade is completed in T+2 days, I doubt you will be eligible.

(jaggarwal04) #30

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(Mute Spectator.) #31

when this buyback going to start ? Please do let know here as well once it starts .

(ram1984) #32

has any one received buyback notice/letter. Please keep posted

(ragav) #33

Buyback letter will be announced mostly in 10 days from record date. You can call your broker too to place tender of Buy back shares letter not needed , you may know the eligibility too via broker (In case if the broker provides that option , Please check with the broker not sure of this . The whole thing after the record date takes 1 month for tendering shares and the Bought back amount to be credited to bank account


Hi guys, any update on when we can expect the tendering process to start?

(Mute Spectator.) #35

Yeah , its not started yet … Who said 10 days from Record date ? I guess there no fixed time after record date as such.
It has taken more than month as well in some cases.

(suhagpatel) #36

I feel they would announce it during the upcoming Q2 results next week.

(Rahul B) #37

Update from Wipro about Buyback

Capital Allocation Update
-> As disclosed earlier, on July 20, 2017 the Board approved a proposal for Buyback of up to 343.75 million
equity shares at a price of ₹320 per equity share. The Buyback proposal was subsequently approved by
the shareholders through postal ballot, the results of which were declared on August 30, 2017.
The Buyback offer period will commence upon completion of regulatory requirements.
Source: http://www.bseindia.com/xml-data/corpfiling/AttachLive/790180fd-a2db-4af9-ad29-15c102c2a77a.pdf

(ram1984) #38

What is the buyback. No news. Many people i know have sold out of frustration

(Kamlesh Patel) #39

So does that mean A/R will be improved for rest of us holding? :wink:

(Rahul B) #40

I sent a mail today to
[email protected]. you can also send email

I got the below response from Prachee Duri

Dear Sir,

Draft Letter of Offer (DLOF) has been filed with SEBI and on receipt of relevant approvals, the final Letter of Offer will be dispatched / sent to all the shareholders as on the record date i.e. 15th Sept, 2017. The final Letter of Offer will have the timelines and period of offer to tender shares in the buyback.

For the Draft Letter of Offer you may refer to the below link –