Well written Annual Reports

(Whipsaw) #22

Rishi Techtex annual report is a great read. Good information on the company, its growth plans and general details about the technical textiles segment. Even though it is a microcap, its AR is amazingly well written.

(Karan Sharma) #23

One can go through the AR of Atul Limited. Its a good read. Also CCL Products

(Whipsaw) #24

Another good AR from Rishi Techtex

2016-2017 Annual Report - http://rishitechtex.com/pdf/annual_report2017.pdf

(khs) #25

Hikal Ltd is also a good read

(sandeep kochar) #26

Read Symphony AR…its a good read…all your doubts about companys growth, will be cleared


I felt that Symphony was trying to overdo it’s AR especially in the beginning. Looks more like overdose of design and marketing.
Disc. Not invested but tracking.

(us121) #28

My belief is, it is pure passion and intent to do the best in whatever they do.
i am following it up for quite a few years. may be longer association may drive my association bias.

but i know people and company and hence having little different view than yours.

discl: invested since long time…

(maheshhamne) #29

I think uniply AR is also worth reading.

(us121) #30

Also you may see, they have chosen this format for many years.
just go through last few years AR. It is a consistent structure they have chosen and are delivering year after year.
Therefore, it is more of standardisation to be different (Paradoxical). But chosen in such a manner that almost makes it impossible for others to copy. while stating so, i am not referring only to the design but also the valuable content and the style of its delivery.
If you read carefully, last few years’ ARs, they challenge themselves projecting matter as a doubt in the eyes of investor, give confidence in return that they will be able to do, and generally deliver more than committed. however, their performance needs to be seen on annual/ bi-annual basis in my opinion.

(jayakumaru05) #31

Try Safal Niveshak analysis of few AR’s it clearly shows how to go abt annual reports and the insights to made out of it

(Karan Sharma) #32

ISGEC Heavy Engineering AR 2018 was a good read.

(Karan Sharma) #33

Finolex Industries has given a very good explanation of PVC resins business, PVC pipes and fittings business and everything that someone needs to know to understand the sector better. Anyone interested in PVC resins and pipes business should go through the last 6 -7 annual reports of the company

(Mihir Khajanchi) #34

I have shared my summary notes of 45+ Annual reports(FY 18) on my blog. Please share your feedback if you find it useful.

(VijayShetty) #35

Are these on his website? Can you give a link to his analysis?

(James Sebastian) #37

One example.

You can see more on the website under this link

(Marathondreams) #38

Piramal Enterprise getting awarded for best annual report from India consecutively for the 3rd time by Leage of American Communications Professionals (LACP)