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@Vivek_6954 sir what is your view on upcoming ANI IPO? Its promoters are relatives to one my colleagues and he was very optimistic about the company. I understand that he may be biased. Please share your views .


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ANI looks interesting, their business is unique - valuations look decent but the question is why sudden jump in topline and bottom line - what changed last year ?
Tried to check their website and it doesnt seem to be working.

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Bullish Infra story continues.
Given RKEC’s list of executed marine projects, in my opinion, the opportunity for them is huge.
Specially if the inland waterways and port network planned by govt goes ahead as per announcements.
The Sagarmala project will throw up additional opportunities in Road sector. Will expansion/greenfield projects from HPCL/IOCL and likes (not to forget Aramco) add to the opportunity size - adding Jetties/berths etc? How the story unfolds will depend on the ability to keep executing the projects over next few quarters/years.

Disc: got allotted in IPO and added after listing

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Agree .Opportunity size ishuge & more importantly RKEC execution capability is there since last so many years.Promoter is a great reputed ethical person. Sagarmala,Ganga cleaning up ,IWAI ,Ports & Navy all can give good opp size.

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Vivek ji

Plz look at sysco …looks promising


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As per available details, they got contracts from MNC last year and those contracts have better margin compared to domestic clients.


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Hello vivek sir any SME IPO you are applying now?

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You have any updates from the meeting ?

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ANI attracted record subscriptions today.What was your relative saying on integrity n ethics quality of ANI promoters? how is the quality of numbers n balance sheet n opp size? any moat or USP of co? is its a good buy on listing?

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Dear Vivek, I am from Saurashtra and now residing at Surat since last 17 years. I went to my native place in Diwali holidays. At that time I was not aware abt SCPL’s IPO but after returning I came to know about the company’s IPO and at that time it already got listed. Then I studied its RHP and other details on different websites. Then I started inquiry. I inquired few of my native friends, few of my my local friends which went to their native places in Saurashtra during Diwali vacation, one vendor from Saurashtra and one vendor of Sheetal Smiley Parlour here in Surat, and most importantly one person from Amreli i.e from home town of the company and it’s promoters.

Now I am noting down my excerpt of the Inquiry.

  • All inquiry are positive, not a single negative about the company, its products, services, and its promoters.
    -Promoters himself was a very small businessman ( Panwala) before say 20-25 years back and running his own 'Sheetal Pan Center’just oppsite the Amreli State Transport Bus Station. Interestingly that Sheetal Pan Center is still continue at the same place along with a big Sheetal Smiley parlour beside it.
    -Promoters was five brothers, one was died before few years, four brothers are running the company.
    -They are known as a very honest, hard working, down to earth and very humble personalities in their area of Amreli.
    -Smiley parlour (Surat) : which was started just 4 month back, franchise owner was very happy, talking with me very enthusiastically. He said me that right now he is collecting on an average 15000 rs daily, after deducting electricity and all other expenses he left with very small amount but I am happy with the response of the customer in a very short period of time and once winter is over I will earn handsomly. He shows me different varieties of ice cream. I and my kids had tasted 6 to 8 varieties, all are of same taste that of the Vadilal or Amul Or Havmore but difference was it’s quantity and price. He told me that customer is happy with the taste but main thing is it’s price and quantity, if you came here with 15 family members ,all will complete within 500 to 600rs. About promoter he told me that he can directly talk with the Bhupatbhai Bhuva i.e director of the company if he has any complaint regarding service or product. Bhupatbhai himself calling him regularly once in a month since the opening of his franchise. One thing negative he told me is regarding its frozen food products, which he said are little costly and are not gaining customers response and that’s why he stopped selling it that are frozen pizza, Wada Pav etc.
    -From Saurashtra : Sheetal ice cream is a very famous name in almost all villages of the Saurashtra. At my own village there are 10 to 12 general Pan-cold drink store all are selling only Sheetal’s product. So I talked with one vendor at my village that how all in our village are selling only one brand’s ice cream? He replied , look Amul or Vadilal are not approaching us in this small village and other 4 to 5 ice cream were here before few years but Sheetal had destroyed all others with his Quantity, packaging and pricing. Quality of all are same but main thing is quantity and rate. Now today people came here and asked for only Sheetal then why we sell others ice creams and one thing is that Sheetal’s service is very regular, there vehicle came here regularly.
    -Other Saurashtra friends view: Most part in rural Saurashtra Sheetal is becoming a household name. Mostly all are aware of its product and name. And that’s why in Surat where most of the people’s are from Saurashtra are consuming it’s product with its name in my city also.

I will update here if I got some interesting information in future.

Disclosure: Invested

Sheetal Cool Products Limited
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Thanks, Arvind for your timely scuttlebut

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My colleague who is a brother-in-law of the promoter is very upbeat about the company. Please note that he does not have much idea on how stock market works. However, he is very down to earth person who is always ready to help others and very ethical. He is having similar opinion about the promoters of the ANI. People with their feet on ground but eyes on the sky.

Currently promoter’s son is also involved in the day to day operation of the company and he is very mature and hard working guy. Opportunity size i feel is huge considering their high margin clients in Middle East. With crude rising again i feel they will get more work from that region.

I am not good at crunching numbers so won’t answer on balance sheet.

Check the video below. Promoter is taking about orders from Smart cities and Metros.


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Great Schuttlebutt ! thanks for the info.

Although i think the company is fairly priced. I don’t see any value in investing in it at 40 times earnings.
These business are always there to be attacked and its just a matter of time when big guys enter the Rural Market too.
When attack happens your sales drop to Zero.
We all know what happen when big brand enters the town for the first, We get huge queues.
Also , I feel the financials are little cooked up for this company too, They may be honest but to make IPO attractive some dressing has been done by the merchant bankers.
Not as bad as done for this company

I would say one has be to very cautious while investing in SME companies as liquidity is not there, Don’t think you will be able to exist on worst day.


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Hi Vivek,

Any idea when Ani is getting listed.


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Thanks for useful info. Opp size is large n if promoter is ethical n
hardworking imply a good stock to hold on to or buy when available cheap n
henve with MOS.

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Many thanks for your detailed scuttlebutt.This is really the quality feedback which acts as big differentiator for VP.

Seems growth story of SCPL is intact.Its more of a volume play Any feedback when can margins improve besides when volume improves more?

SCPL is a good play on 100% power availability in whole of Gujarat specially rural areas & the story can be replicated in the rural and other states as well. Opp size seems large.

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Hi @Vivek_6954,
Could you please share your views on ANI INTEGRATED. Seems interesting and fairly valued. Intend to go for it in pre-open session.

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@Vivek_6954 Did you invest in HDFC Standard Life IPO and what are your current views ? I did apply in IPO and booked good profit however am contemplating to buy it back. Though costly but i feel it can remain costly and trade at premium like other HDFC group companies. Will love to have your thoughts please

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@Vivek_6954, any thoughts on new SME IPO Ice Make Refrigeration

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SME IPOs too have attracted lot of investors but mostly speculators salivating at daily 20% returns and v heavy subscriptions. Too good to be true. Seems more like a greater fool theory. Be very careful.

Ice make IPO seems OK but eps is piffling 3.5 odd & IPO price is 57. Has the co left much on table?

Views invited